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what the dog saw

No description

Yabing Huang

on 27 July 2011

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Transcript of what the dog saw

Dogs are really interested in human.
Disagreement and question
What the dog saw
Cesar and Lynda’s dog Sugar
Lynda should gives Sugar discipline
When sugar grabbed the newspaper, Cesar snatched it back. Sugar picked up the newspaper again and jumped on the couch. Cesar took his hand and “bit” Sugar on the shoulder, firmly and calmly.
Cesar and his Dog Psychology Center
74 dogs
All of dogs listen to his command. “You begin. You end. And you don’t ask, ‘Please stop.’ You demand that it stop.”
Cesar and another dog JonBee
Cesar and his wife Illusion.
Illusion thought Cesar just wanted to be with his dogs. If Cesar didn’t get into therapy, she would divorce him.
Human’s behavior is important.
Every dog can be a good dog according to how human trained them.
“The hardest part for me is that the father or mother chooses the dog instead of the son.”
A person who calm in the face of chaos, gentleness and strong extraordinary energy.
“command our attention”
Why Cesar knows how important about behavior but he still can’t have a good relationship with his wife?
If a person has strong personality, other people wouldn't have any suspect because of their charming personality.
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