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The Seven Princes: Part 1

No description

Karin Anderson

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of The Seven Princes: Part 1

The Seven Princes (or Spirits)
Prince 1
Roles Played
Movements & Offerings
Themes & Movements
And New Information

Information for the movements of the Prince is located in:
Psalms 19 & 118

The chief of the Seven
Prince 1
Roles Played
The High Priest, Michael, Jacob, Joseph, and the Messiah
Movements & Offering
Order of Events
The High Priest would:

1, Remove the ashes from the altar
2, Immerse (baptize) himself for the first time
3, Put on the Golden Vestiments
4, Slaughter the daily morning evelation (burnt) offering
1. Removes Ashes from Altar
When the sun is on the Prince, it is also on Scorpio
Scorpio is considered to be wicked

So the sun would burn the wicked up,
turning him to ashes
under the feet of Ophiacus
This also fulfills: "The wicked shall be ashes under my feet"
Order of Events
2. Immerse Himself for the first time
Psalms 118:
"You have stung me sure but I shall live"
Micah 2: "The breaker goes up before them"
"breaker" another name for Perseus and the sun

3. Puts on the golden vestiments
Psalms 118: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief of the corner"
Stone: (Strong's H68 - 'eben) mason, plummet

Head (Strong's H7218 - ro'sh) meaning the head, chief -est place, high priest, ruler, top, summit

Corner: (Strong's H6438 - pinnah) A pinnacle, figuratively: a chieftain.
KJV--bulwark, chief, corner, stay, tower.
In the pit, Ophiacus changes his garments and becomes Perseus, who represents the golden vestiments of the sun.

Afterwards, Perseus must rise from the pit.

"It is marvelous in our eyes"

1. Perseus moves from star Mira, meaning wonderful

2. To the stars of Pleiades, also called eyes.
Marvelous 2298
to separate and arise wonderful

Eyes 5869 ayin
to have to look openly and regard,
knowledge of the resemblance,
eye of the landscape
Perseus (the Breaker)
In mythology Perseus uses the wings on his feet (from Hermes) to elevate up from the belly of the Monster (the star Mira--meaning "wonderful").
4. Slaughter the daily morning evelation (burnt) offering
(must be an ox)
Path of the sun
(Taurus burnt)
Ophiacus is stung and falls to the pit...
Star: Mira
Path of the sun goes through Taurus = Taurus burnt
The Star Mira, where Ophiacus fell and changed into Perseus.
The Path Persues took when rising out of the pit, leads through Tauras.

As he goes, Perseus slaughters the ox with his outstretched sword.

Order of Events
The High Priest (represented by Orion) Would:
5. Prepare the five lamps of the menorah (3:4)
6. Offer the daily incense (3:5)
7. Prepare the remaining two lamps of the menorah
8. Burn the limbs of the daily morning evelation (burnt) offering on the outer altar (3:4)
5. Prepare the five lamps of the menorah
First: Bird of Paradise
Second: Pheonix
Third: Cetus
Fourth: Taurus + Aries
Fifth: Auruga (Perseus)
Orion's first step is to Apus (the bird of paradise)
The Pheonix is related to Myrrh. According to legend the body of the pheonix was wrapped in myrrh for burial, but it rose from death as a new creature.
Second: Pheonix
First: Bird of Paradise
Third: Cetus
Fourth: Taurus + Aries
Fifth: Perseus
6. Offer the daily incense (3:4)
Incense rising as smoke to the heavens
7. Prepare the remaining two lamps of the menorah
Sixth: Cepheus
Seventh: Cassiopeia
8. Burning the limbs of the daily morning evelation (burnt) offering on the outer altar
The apparent travel of the sun crosses over Taurus the ox, burning his limbs.
Prince 1: Ophiacus
Masada Frag. 2
A psalm of blessing will be spoken in the language of the
first chief prince of the eternal God,
incorporating his languages
seven wonderful blessings.
Then he will bless the King of all the Eternally Holy seven times with seven wonderous words of blessing.
Psalm 118:26
be he that cometh in the name of the Lord: we have blessed you out of the house of the Lord
Psalm 118:27
God is the Lord, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar
Order of Events
The High Priest would:

9, Offer the daily meal offering (3:4)
10, Offer the Chavitin offering (3:4)
11, Offer the wine libation (drink offering) (3:4)
12, Offer the mussafim: the ox and the seven lambs -- all elevation (burnt) offerings, along with their meal and drink offerings (7:3)
The virgin. A woman bearing a branch in her right hand, and an ear of corn in her left.
Called Al Zimach in Aramic, which means the branch. Considered to hold wheat or barley.

IHESU, with the signification IEZA, which in Greek is called CHRISTOS.
Hebrew: "Ben" meaning, "Son"
Arrow of the corn daughter
Servant born to be the sacrifice
9. Offer the Daily Meal Offering
Three Forms:

1. In the from of goats, with the fresh ears roasted by fire, or dried grains coarsely rubbed or crushed (Leviticus 2:14)

2. As finely ground
wheat or barley flour
. These first two forms were covered or mixed with oil and frankincense (verse 1)

3. Loaves or cakes, made of the fine flour mixed with oil.
10. Offer the Chavitin Offering
a fourth
[of the log] to divide the oil for [the High Priest's]
chavitan offering

HaKorbanot 13:3,
a fourth
of the log of oil is poured on each of the cakes the High Priest brings.
11. Offer the wine libation (drink offering)
The ox and the seven lambs -- all elevation (burnt) offerings, along with their meal and drink offerings (7:3)
12. Offer the Mussafim
Christ our Meal Offering
(The Desired, The Woman and the Child)
Leviticus 2:9
"Then the priest shall take from the
grain offering
a memorial portion, and burn it on the altar. It is an offering made by fire, a sweet aroma to the Lord."
Lion of Judah
Virgo's Son is the Lion
Judah means to hold out the hand and shoot the arrow

The Hebrew word for son is "ben", also meaning arrow of the corn daughter
Arrow sent to Solar Altar
Cor Leon, Heart of Scorpion
Minchas Chavitin
Minchah offered by the Kohan Gadol, half in the morning and half at night.
Centaurus is called the sin offering.
He pierces the victim...
...And out pours a cup of wine.
is considered to be the wine or blood coming from the victim.
The Hebrew name is Akrab - scorpion, conflict, or war

The brightest star (in the heart) is Antares, the wounding

Cor Scorpii - the scorpion's heart
Light breaking forth in the person of the redeemer
Orion stands before the Ox. He is the man who fulfills all the offerings, while standing before the Ox and the seven stars which hold the lambs blood.
There are
four men
, and we need one of the four first (or one fourth) which is Ophiacus the serpent holder.
Orion and Ophiacus are the first half

Orion is in the morning, as in the apparent travel of the Sun--it rises in Orion.

Ophiacus is at night, as in the Sun's apparent travel--a day is as a year and on a yearly basis the sun dies in Ophiacus.
Movements & Offerings
Movements & Offering
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