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Middle School Art First Day of Class

Rules & Procedures for the first day of school, grades 6-8

Lindsey Foushee

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of Middle School Art First Day of Class

Your job is to learn about and practice art. We may do some things you love and some you don’t, but keep a positive attitude! Try everything with your best effort.
Art Room Class Rules
Earn a
daily grade
based on completion of daily sketchbook assignments. Begin immediately upon entering the room without being told.
Late work
loses a letter grade.
3 pts Daily for Participation. Start with 100 & points are subtracted. Art is a DOING class, so I need to see you using your time!
Your grade is based on your
. If you try, you can’t fail!
Your projects will be graded with a rubric.
If work is COMPLETE and turned in ON TIME, your grade starts at 50
, and you earn 50 additional points based on composition, craftsmanship, demonstrating technique, and meeting assignment criteria.
If work is turned in but INCOMPLETE, your grade is a 50 or lower - no additional points.
What's My Grade?
When Class Starts...
Bring your sketchbook & pencil to class every day.

Backpacks, binders, etc. go under your chair or by the library-- no tripping hazards!

An assignment will be on the board daily. Get started without direction. I DO give you a daily grade for this!

Once you come in, you need a pass to leave. Bathroom is available first & last 5 minutes.

It is always inappropriate to get up during instructions or lectures.
Pre-planning is important! Use your sketchbook to sketch out your ideas. DRAW LIGHT TIL YOU GET IT RIGHT.
You may
go into the storage closet or cabinets without permission.
If you make a mess, it's OK; I'll only be mad if you don't clean up after yourself.
Be mindful of how much you are using. Start with small amounts; you can always get more.
Eating is NOT ALLOWED in the art room! Water is allowed if it's in a closeable bottle.
Phones for music or project research only. No texting, calls, Snapchat, etc during class time.
Turn in ALL WORK to the silver basket (late work -10 pts).
Work may be turned in early.
It is YOUR responsibility to make sure it is turned in! I do not collect your work from the crate or drying racks, so if something is passed back that means I think you're still working on it & it has not been graded.
When you turn in a 2D art project, make sure your name is written clearly on the back. Do NOT write huge or press hard- it may affect the front of the page.

Artists sign their work. Yours should be, too. Autograph the bottom right corner with your name and the year. The signature should not be distracting or legible from a distance.
Look over your work before you turn it in. When in doubt, check the Assignment Criteria board or ask a friend.
It's OK to clean up early if your work is done.
Draw in your SB, do homework, get a book...

Whatever you decide to do is fine with me, as long as you STAY IN YOUR SEAT and DO NOT DISTURB OTHERS!
Now what?
Last 5 Minutes
Everyone should work together to clean up the room, but take responsibility for your own mess.
Taking care of your space will be part of your Participation grade. You will lose 1 point every day that someone else has to clean up behind you.
When your table is clean, you may sit and talk until the end of class.
Do not stand by the door
When you are dismissed, push your chairs under the table, or put chairs up (7th per.)
Have a great quarter!
Ms. F
Proud of Achieving
remember why you are here
. Listen to directions without talking, don't be a distraction to others. We are LEARNING!
Organizing for Success
: keep supplies & workspace neat
Working for a Safe Environment
: use supplies responsibly, no running
Learning to Lead
: set a good example, avoid plagiarism, help others, don't be afraid to be different! WEIRD IS GOOD!
I will remind you when it's almost time for the bell. Don't wait until the last minute!
Your grade is based on
About Ms. Foushee...
I'm from
Love to Travel
With Ms. Foushee
Respectful of Self/ Others/ Property
. Don't touch artwork that is not yours, keep yourself to yourself.
Cougars are on the PROWL
Quizzes & Small Projects 30%
Major Projects 40%
Classwork 20%
Homework 10%
Class calendar
Assignment list
Links to lectures, videos, etc used in class
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