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Philippe Lebas3

No description

Amani Naimah

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Philippe Lebas3

Amani Rashad
Tatiana Colclough,
4th block French 2
May 13th 2014 Biography Genre influences ART Friend of robespierre and Saint-Just Lebas was engraver to the Cabinet du roi and produced engravings after several paintings by different artists. Philippe Francois Joseph Le Bas Philippe Le Bas was born November 4, 1762 in Frevent, France. Le Bas is known for his amazing works of art and his role in the French Revolutionary era as a politician. He was a close friend of Saint-Just and Maximillion Robespierre, a key leader in the French revolution. His father was a notary. He was a discreet and loyal representative of the crown. Le Bas served many roles in government. Biography Cont. Le Bas served as... Deputy of the National Convention amd
Committee of General Security. He and Saint-Just were made the Convention's commissioners to the armies and set out on this mission to eastern France, where he reorganized the army after its reverses at Wissembourg. Biography Cont.
Faithful to Robespierre to the bloody end on 9 Thermidor, Augustine Robespierre demanded that Le Bas share his brother's fate. Le Bas demanded that he share the fate of Saint-Just, committing suicide by pistol 14 April 1794 in paris before the anti-Robespierres came to take his life Il est un beau dessin par le bas. l'image est st est pleine d'histoire.l'image est est clair. la scene montre le detail. Le Bas's art was influenced by many things seens in war and his hate of King LOuis15th. Fabre d'Eglantine il est classique. c'est une belle peinture. j'ai image pour montrer l'histoire. C'est un beau portrait de Fabre d'Eglantine engrave et peint par Le Bas. Il as etes un acteur, un politicien, et un poete Robespierre n'aimes pas du tout lui.
Fabre as ete tres mauvais. Fabre d'Eglantine Fabre as est tres populaire en france pendant la révolution qui as eu beaucoup d'influence.

Robespierre descrit Fabre comme un ennemi mais deguise comme patriote. Pourquoi Ce potrait représente combien Le Bas deteste lui. Hotel Negresco Il un tableau huile interessant par Le Bas.

Je crois Le Bas a est heureux quand il a fait ce peimture. Non message trouve Pourquoi je chosis ce: il est un tableau celebre
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