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Micro & Macro Conversions

TeComm 2012

Claudiu Murariu

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Micro & Macro Conversions

Vizitor Macro Conversions Assisted Conversions Micro Conversions Critical Micro Conversions 550 Micro-conversions, part of the funnel i M cro Conversions a What's your conversion rate? 2-5% 95-98% ?! Buyer External factors - reviews
- organic search
- PPC or Display advertising
- remarketing
- email marketing Internal factors - email subscribe
- like/share
- create account
- comment Betweem 50% and 80% of your visitors are referred to your website by at least 2 traffic sources in less than 30 days before buying Email Sign-up
Create account
Contact form With follow-up Without follow-up Look for contact details
Spend over X seconds on the website Less than 10-20% of your buyers buy during their first visit to your website. Engagement part of the conversion funnel correlation (+causality) 131 61 15 vizitors create account active account paid account 23.8% 46.56% 24.6% 11.45% ~34 days Will buy, no matter what Will never buy might buy now, but rather later 1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Preference/Intent First 3 buying stages Optimization strategy
with the help of micro-conversions Tracking Tracking Tracking Micro Conversions Value 1. Identify micro-conversions
2. Implement Tracking
3. Identify value for micro-conversions $$$
4. Optimize micro-conversion-rate
5. Re-evaluate value for micro-conversions $$$ Goal Tracking in Google Analytics
(3 types / 20 micro-conversions max)

Useful for analyzing the visits with micro-conversions Custom variables to monitor behavior accross visits.

Ideal both for micro-conversions with follow up as well as for critical macro-conversions _gaq.push(['_setCustomVar',
1, // Slot. Between 1 and 5
'Micro-Conversion', // Category
'Subscribe', // Micro-conversion name
1 // Scope: vizitor
]); How to set custom variables in Google Analytics Always to be set before a pageview or an event. Own database (priceless) How much revenue would be lost if the micro-conversion would not happen?

% of sales by visitors who micro-converted

Invested budget / long term macro conversions

ROI?! Optimize Micro Conversions On site:
Optimize user experience (UX)
Optimize the logic
AB Testing

Off site:
Automated email marketing
Social Media
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