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Language Arts 101 by Kristine McQuarrie Charles

Welcome to 7th Grade English

Kristine Charles

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of Language Arts 101 by Kristine McQuarrie Charles

Why Do We Need Language Arts?
To Teach Effective Communicaton
So Why Do People Communicate?
So How Do People Communicate?
Which Both =
How Does Reading Fit Into This?
If you have something to say,
If you have an opinion,
If you want a lot of people to hear it,
you write it down.
authors write to:
inform the reader
persuade the reader
entertain the reader
share a personal experience with the reader
When we read:
We learn new things.
Our vocabularies improve.
Our spelling and grammar improve.
We become more open-minded.
You will have graded
circle discussions and
oral presentations to
practice speaking well.
You will write narratives to entertain.
You will write journals
to share experiences.
You will write paragraphs and papers to persuade.
You will write a research paper to inform.
You will read different genres
of books as a whole group, as
small groups, and as an individual.
You will share opinions through disussion.
You will read many things.
You will write many times.
You will learn new vocabulary.
You will improve grammatically.
all of these will help You communicate better.
One Classroom Rule
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