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Unit 3- Information systems.

No description

jake Brock

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Unit 3- Information systems.

Information systems. Organisations use information in many ways such as; monitoring and controlling activities or to identify patterns or trends; decision making for gaining a commercial advantage.
If a company wants to find out opinions of their products using the feedback from customer reviews will help with this; then from that it can advance technological improvements.
Staff positions on a project, employee details or financial details of either the organisation or any of their consumers.
If the organisation does business over seas with other countries then they need to know when policies change How do organisations use information P2 Unit 3 What are the legal and ethical issues of gathering information. Task 4
The school would like to know what the features and functions of information systems are. Task 5 Qualitative – opinions, open ended, descriptive, these types of information will usually come from questionnaires and surveys.
Quantitative – measurable, numeric, information in this form will come from statistics and graphs.
Primary - new, researched straight from source
Secondary – taken from someone else, a book, internet etc Types of information. Task 1 P1 Good information All information has to be reliable, this is so that it can be trusted without having to cross reference it because this takes time and is counter productive to any organization.
It also helps if the information gathered is relevant to the search topic; its not point searching for information that has nothing to do with what it is your searching for.
Searching for information that is easy to get is both accessible and cost effective both of these go hand in hand because if something is hard to obtain then this means that transactions must be made in order for that information to then become available.
Also ensuring that the when you have the information that you and any other person, either in your work place or customer can understand it. Gathering the most current data is also important because if a company gathers information about middle class citizens in London now and the information is for the 80's then the information will lack validity. Obviously the first main rule for obtaining personal data; is say working in a school is that it is strictly confidential, or not to be duplicated at all.
One ethical complication that a school could encounter is that members of staff feel that it would be wrong to go through personal records of students, on the other hand it is essential for them to go through personal history of new teachers, for obvious reasons. when it comes to student information the school must keep all of this confidential. This information is usually sensitive and if it was leaked into the school and people knew who it was depending on the information the student would get bullied, this would then affect their learning and their life all due to lack of confidentially. this would then affect the school and bring into question; is the schools security any good and is any ones information safe? Task 2 on paper. The school could improve the quality of their information by only using reliable sources, this will ensure that only valid, relevant information is used and therefore doesn't waste teachers time. When it comes to businesses all data must be processed into information that the all the company can understand. They need information to make important decisions. for a business collecting data, especially for when a client need a project done, first a mock up must done using the data the client has provided along with the specification. After this the company can then make the real project using the information, if the client is finds it unsatisfactory then the company must re-evaluate the project until the customer is fully satisfied with the end result. Task 5 People are the most important part of any company. the function of people should be obvious but apparently I still need to write about it... People in the workplace are essential for getting things done, such as maintaining and upgrading software and hardware, imputing data into database storage so the rest of the company can use it in the relevant ways later on. Task 5 Any company, especially an IT company need to have all sorts of hardware in order to function properly. Having an assortment of various hardware suited to relevant tasks in the workplace allows the business to run smoother and easier for everyone. also this allows al staff members to communicate over the entire company using e-mail and other such communication devices. Task 5 No matter what the business is, if it has a computer system then they will have software tailored to each specific sector in the business. Doing this is always a good idea when working for a big company because it makes each sector run smoothly and finish tasks quicker. Task 5 In the school there is a tracking system called SIMs, this is a big database that all the teachers can access, this system tracks student attendance and progress throughout their lessons. with this program it can work well so long as it works, as it can be quite buggy or not even load; there has been times in the past where it doesn't work across the whole school. i think this is due to it coding and complicated nature , and with teachers logging in across the school at roughly the same time can overload the system. With the program that has been designed to combat this problem by simplifying the coding by using only three different macros on excel. by doing this there is less pressure on the system so that it wont crash as often.
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