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Wonder ~ Book Talk

No description

Sammy White

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Wonder ~ Book Talk

a novel by R.J. Palacio
R.J. Palacio - the author
August or Auggie is the main character
of the book Wonder. Auggie is a curious and smart 10 year-old who loves
the movie Star Wars and playing video games.

Auggie has a medical condition that made his face deformed. He is very worried about what other people think of him. He hates that when kids see him, they are afraid of his face.

Auggie was home-schooled, so he is shy of the new kids that he meets at Beecher Prep.
I think that he is very brave because he
always has to try not to cry when
other people are mean to him or
teasing him.
Via (Olivia)
Mr. and Mrs. Pullman are very kind and loving parents.

August's Mom is very caring. She is brave because she had to take care of Auggie through all his surgeries. She is also sensitive.

August's Dad is funny and
always tries to be positive.
* R.J. Palacio is a first-time author who lives
in New York with her husband and two sons.

* For over 20 years, she was an art
director and book jacket designer.
Then she decided to start writing.

* The message of Ms. Palacio's book is to "choose
kind". This means to be kind whenever we can.

* She was nominated in 2012 as the person
of the year by TIME Magazine for Kids
because of the anti-bullying
ideas in her book.
* Wonder is her first novel. It was published in 2012.
When August turns 10, his parents decide to let him try public school. Auggie starts to go to Beecher Prep for 5th Grade and spends the whole book learning to make friends and
how hard it can be to grow up
when you are different.
Wonder is a story about a 10 year-old boy named August Pullman or "Auggie". Auggie acts like any other kid his age, except that he was born with an extremely deformed face. Because he had to have so many surgeries when he was little, his parents home-schooled him since Kindergarten.
Via is Auggie's 16 year-old
sister. She is loving and
protective. When they were
little, Via would always
stick up for August when
other kids tried to tease him.

Via is sometimes sad that
she gets treated differently
by others because of
her brother.
Mr. Tushman
The setting takes place in Manhatten
at August's home and at his school, Beecher Prep.
This is a fiction novel that is written in a narrative form.
This book is told from the
point-of-view of different characters
in the story.
Wonder gives each character a chance
to explain how their life is affected
by August's condition.
Jack is funny and friendly. He starts
off being nice to August because the principal tells him to, but then he becomes really close with August.
Jack is a loyal friend.
Summer is an important character
in the book. She is the one person who
is kind to August right from the start. Summer doesn't care about what other kids say, she just wants to be August's friend.

Julian is the bully in the story.
He teases Auggie because of the way that he looks.
Julian doesn't want anyone at school to like Auggie. He is very mean and tries to make Auggie feel bad about himself.
Mr. Tushman is the director of August's new school, Beecher Prep. He is very smart and understanding.
Mr. Tushman wants to help August to fit in. He also wants to teach
the students at Beecher
to be kind to others.
By: Sammy
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