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Imperialism ABC book

No description

Sloand Deeter

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Imperialism ABC book

A B C D E F G H I J K L M O P R S T V Z nnexation: When Japan became very industrialized
it began taking over parts of China and Russia. They began to add on segments to their empire. oxer Rebellion: The Boxers in China didn't want any modern influence to change them. SO they revolted against any country coming in to help them. The Boxers ended up loosing to the influences of the world. awnpore Massacre: In India the British East India company came in and began to take control of the Indians around. The indians eventually became fed up with the disrespect they were shown and began killing innocent British woman and children. iscovery: During the "scramble for Africa
many countries in Europe began
to discover lands they had never
seen before. They quickly began to
call these their own, even though
they had no idea what was in them. conomic Motives:
The British wanted to take over India. They wanted only their goods selling in the markets and used the Indian grown poppyseed to make opium which they sold to China for ALOT of money. reedom: During the Scramble for Africa
the Africans had no say in what
happened to their land. The Boers
fought against the Europeans
to reclaim their land and gain back
their freedom. overnment: The government of all countries had a major impact on imperialism. Such as Queen Victoria selling China Opium. Also the British government had major control over India. ong Kong: During the time when Japan was
takinc Chinese and Russian land Japan took Hong Kong from China. This was a big part of China, so Japan began a big power. deological: Europe believed that it was theur duty as humans to help out the less fortunate. They took extreme measures to conquer these poor lands and "help them". ewel in the Crown: India was called this because it was the most valuable colony to England. They had great powers over the Indians therefore being very important. anagawa treaty: The treaty was signed with America, which made it so the Japanese couldn't kill any American sailors like they had befre. Also it made so 2 ports were open to American ships for fuel and food. a Reforma: The reform was a time of liberal political and social revolution in Mexico. Benito Juarez was the leader of this fight. eiji Era: This era in CHina was ruled by Emporer Mushito. THis was during the time of modernization in China. pium Wars: In China, England was selling large amounts of opium to the citizens. THis caused a break down in soceity. So the chinese tried to fight back against Englands huge navy ships. They lost badly, therefore the chinese were still able to get their Opium. anama canal: The canal was built by the U.S to make a shorter route to the other side of America.This was owned for along time by America. The people of Panama had no control of it. epoy: The sepoys were people that lived in India and were controlled ny the British. They fought for the british and worked for them. Eventually they rebelled because they felt they weren't being respected for what they believed in. eligion: Religion had a major factor in imperialism. countries would take over colonies and teach them the religion of their mother colony. This made som colonies mad, and eventually rebelled. iolence: When countries were taking over others violence was a key part. Either the mother country used violence to get into teh colony or the colony rebelled with the use of violence. This caused many deaths in this time period. ransformation of Japan: The Japanese at one time were very behind other countries industrially. They decided to open their doors to other countries influence. They caught up fully to the west in only 50 years. ulu: the Zulu were an African trine that was established by Shaka Zulu. They fought the British to keep them away. But were eventually deafeated because the British had much more advanced technology.
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