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Richard's Story- Popular Presentations of the Past

No description

Emily Poole

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Richard's Story- Popular Presentations of the Past


1. Create an online resource
2. Engaging for audeience
3. Make it personal
4. Merge real and virtual

Project Brief
Truro Cathedral Centenary
Individual story
People, not statistics
Roll of Honour

Brief & Aims
Historical Trust
Entwining of Past and Modernity
Micro Perspective
"Placing lived experience at the centre" (Szijarto, 2002)
Research Process
Lt. Richard Charles Graves- Sawle
Born 1888 into a military family
2nd division, Coldstream Guards
Married Muriel
Killed by sniper's bullet to the head
Diary ends on day he died
at home left his parents, wife and sister's Hyacinth and Rosemary
Popular Presentations
of the Past
“the prime function of memory, then, is not to preserve the past but to adapt it so as to enrich and manipulate the present”

Jill Liddington, ‘What Is Public History? Publics and Their Pasts, Meanings and Practices’,
Oral History
, Vol.30 (2002)
Primary Research
“opening up of a new space for the extension of learning”
Cornwall Records Office
National Archives at Kew
St Austell
Robert Darnton,
The New Age of Book
, 1999
“lay back, let it happen, try out different ideas”
Cindy Little, 2003
Richard Charles Graves- Sawle
Rear Admiral
Sir Charles John


Mary Daniel


Joan Rosemary


Hyacinth Constance

Lt Richard Charles


(married Muriel 1914)

"History in public space…” “the public” is a term that can encompass a number of possible constituencies, distinguished from each other by age, class, ethnicity, locality and educational attainment but also their willingness to engage at any particular moment with the complexities of nuanced historical interpretation."

Madge Dresser, ‘Politics, Populism, and Professionalism: Reflections on the Role of the Academic Historian in the Production of Public History',
The Public Historian
, 2002
Reach a larger audience
More inclusive- audience empowered?
Just one story amongst many
Modern media as new platforms for public history
Online archive
Not necessarily a Cornish history, but audience can use for own cultural capital
Internet enables collective remembrance that is less restrictive
Digital Micro- History
“(association) is one of the fundamental ways in which memories become collective; each one of us can associate ourselves with other peoples ‘experience’."
(Svetlana Boym, 2001)
1. Online exhibition (developed from current one)
Primary Research
Secondary Research
Richard's Story

We would like to thank:
Truro Cathedral & Kirsten Gordon, Cornwall Records Office & Chloe Phillips, Byony, Garry & Cornish Story
Courtesy of CRO
Courtesy of CRO
Courtesy of CRO
Courtesy of The National Archives, Kew
Courtesy of The National Archives, Kew
To be continued...
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