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Marketing Plan for Jollibee

No description

victoria semana

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Plan for Jollibee

This three-year marketing plan for Jollibee has been created to increase sales in order to have additional funding for growth globally and to inform employees of the company’s current status and direction. This marketing plan is focused in extending their product line as well as adding new product lines. Over the next three years, Jollibee can increase its distribution, offer new products, and win new customers. Mission

To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. Vision

We are the best tasting QSR.
The most endearing brand that has ever been...
We will lead in product taste at all times...
We will provide FSC excellence in every encounter...
Happiness in every moment...
By year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide,
Jollibee is truly a GLOBAL BRAND -and the Filipino will be admired worldwide. PEST ANALYSIS MICRO-ENVIRONMENT
ANALYSIS (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS COMPANY ANALYSIS Prohibited use of plastics and styros (Selected cities) Jollibee understands the income distribution in the Philippines. It offers meals which most of the population can afford. Jollibee has a very good understanding of the Filipino culture and taste. Above average compensations and benefits among staff. Innovative products Modern and up-to-date machineries (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS SWOT MATRIX TARGET MARKET
MARKET POSITIONING Large Consumer Market such as:
Thrifty people
Limited time-eaters

With this, we will be providing meals that are fitted for a group of 8 to 10 people. This would be perfect not only for families, but for those people who love to eat with their group of friends, office mates, colleagues and barkadas. This new product will likely to be more affordable and convenient for most people.  It will include:

 Jollibee Spaghetti Platter
 10pcs of Original/Spicy Chickenjoy
 2 Pitcher of Drinks
 10pcs Yum Burger
 A Big Bowl of Fries Our Salo-Salo Meal seeks to encourage customers to purchase bigger quantities by offering a discount. For the price of P1,390 they’d get the following and save P490. PRICE The "Salo-Salo Meal" will be available for dine-in, take out, drive thru and delivery in Jollibee stores nationwide. We would also be proposing "Jollibee On Wheels", a mobile bus that could go to a particular place where events and concerts are being held. This distribution strategy will also work on other products being offered by Jollibee. Members of families, group of friends, and colleagues would likely enjoy it while having their happy moments together. Jollibee is the number one fast food chain in the Philippines.
It was able to attain a competitive advantage in the Philippines over McDonald's by:
Entering the market first
Retaining tight control over operations management which allowed it to price below its competitors
Having the flexibility to cater to the taste of its local customer CUSTOMER ANALYSIS SUPPLIERS PUBLICS Jollibee allocates 1% of its net profits to the Foundation to fund its work in all areas: from community and leadership development, to scholarships and feeding programs, even relief aid during disasters. Some 400 children from various parts of Metro Manila enjoyed big surprises during the grand gift-giving bash of the Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko. INTERMEDIARIES Nationwide network of over 750 branches
Stores inside malls
Open for franchise JOLLIBEE The Laguna commissary is the biggest and most advanced in the country and among Asia’s best. Operated by Zenith Foods Corporation (ZFC), a full subsidiary of Jollibee. Aided by custom-made mechanized equipment, the production lines are for the marinated Chicken Joy, frozen patties and pies, breads, sauces, hotdogs and other meat products, and dry blended goods. FAMILIES For families who want to spend time together, Jollibee is the perfect place to be where they can catch up and bond while enjoying affordable Jollibee meals. KIDS For kids who are adventurous, active, and even for those picky eaters, Jollibee is the perfect place for them to explore - they'd get a chance to play with other kids and be excited about Jolly Kiddie Meals made specially for them. TEENAGERS For teenagers who love to hang-out and share their laughs and random stories with their friends, Jollibee is the place to be, affordable meals that fit their allowance plus its cozy environment adds up the good vibes. Target Market for "Salo-Salo Meals" are groups of people dining together, consisting of 8-10 people. We will be promoting "Salo-Salo Meal" by posting new banners of our “Salo-Salo meals” inside and outside the store, giving away of leaflets inside the mall.

We can also have our cashiers promote or encourage a group of people to buy this instead of buying a meal for each of them-explaining that it could save them more money.  
A short flash of advertisement on Jollibee’s website will also get people informed. The release of this product this October is an advantage because of the holiday season.We would also be putting up billboards advertisement along roads, an animated flash of pictures to attract attention.
1. Understands more about Filipino culture and wants
2. Nationwide network of over 750 stores worldwide
3. Family-oriented values 1. Small and young in comparison to other international fast-food chain brands
2. Lack of in-depth knowledge to overseas marketing
3. Same products offered by its rival brand 1. Increasing demands of the customers
2. Rising number of OFWs
3. Companies willing to collaborate and make partnership with Jollibee 1. Colonial mentality among Filipinos
2. Strong competitive forces
3. Changes in the lifestyle and health of consumers S.1. + O.1. = Creating new and better products to offer

S.2. + O.3. = Forming joint ventures to maximize the profit and gain of the company. W.1. + O.2. = Global expansion

W.2. + O.2. = Encourage OFWs in helping to promote Jollibee among other nationality S.2. + T.1. = American-style fast-food restaurant with a Filipino touch.

S.3. + T.3. = Hospitable and warm treatment to customers, bringing the joy of eating in ways they could relax and spend quality time together with special ones. W.3. + T.2. = Develop unique products that will stand-out to the market. Others:
Weights measures Act
Trade Description Act
Sales of good Act For people in a tight budget who are into quality, Jollibee offers meals not just made affordable to the mass but also committed to high standard foods, service and cleanliness. THRIFTY PEOPLE For people working or studying with limited time to eat, Jollibee offers ready-made food to give them energy and happiness for the long day ahead. PEOPLE ON THE GO MARKETING PLAN
2012-2015 American-style fast-food chain with Filipino-influenced dishes.
Largest fast-food chain in the Philippines operating a nationwide network of over 750 stores.
Founded by Tony Tan Caktiong and his family.
Started as an ice cream parlor. END
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