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CHEYANNE M. LACSON: Resume / Prezume

No description

Chey Lacson

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of CHEYANNE M. LACSON: Resume / Prezume

Educational Technology
Holy Angel University
My variety of work experiences leads to a
of skills to apply to new situations
Rural Bank
of Porac, Inc.

Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook, Docs, Spreadsheets,
Presentations, Sites,
Pages, Numbers,
Keynote, Movie Maker,


fficient, &
public servant
Master of Business Management, 2015
• Business Research: Managerial Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Porac Bank
• Cumulative GPA: 1.29
• Comprehensive Exam Gen. Ave.: 1.33

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting, 2012
• Dean's Lister
• Cumulative GPA: 1.58
Who am I, beyond the resume?

: youngest of two, only girl

: fond of traveling
loves to make desserts
What am I l king for?
Full time employment at a stable and prestigious organization
A work environment that values innovation, relationships, and growth
An opportunity to employ and further enhance my acquired skills
Holy Family Academy PTA
Student Assistant

Learnings: Established professionalism

Summer 2006 & 2007
Assistant Bookkeeper/ SD-DD Bookkeeper

Learnings: Honed ability to be keen in details and build rapport with clientele

July 2012 – January 2013
Bank Teller

Learnings: Developed ability to manage large tasks, proper cash handling, and be a team player

January 2013 –June 2013
Rural Bank
of Porac, Inc.
Commission on
Administrative Assistant II/ Acting Disbursing Officer

Learnings: Fostered ability to multi-task and work effectively & efficiently

June 2013 - Present

• JPIA Auditor (Summer 2012)
• JPIA Vice President for Finance (SY 2011-2012)
• JPIA Director (SY 2010-2011)
• Rotaract-HAU Director (SY 2011-2012)

I look forward
to being in touch!

Do you think my skills and aspirations match your needs?
fficient, and
oung public servant

and new activities
Prezi, Twitter, Facebook,
Tumblr, Wikis,
& more

Highly organized & a strong multi-tasker
Proven leader with a proactive mindset
Effective communicator & collaborator
Competitive, creative, & intelligent
Tenacious in pursuit of goals
Recognize & solve problems knowledgeably
"The Intro" by The Xxs

Holy Family Academy
Secondary Education
• Excellence in Physical Educ., Health, & Music
• With Honors
Primary Education
• Consistent cream of the crop
Thank You!
Trainings/ Seminars/ Conventions Attended
Mr. Rodolfo Bernardo, Admin. Officer V, POPCOM
- 0922-839-1610
Ms. Norma Simbulan, POPCOM Admin. Officer V Retiree

- 0906-584-8906
Ms. Maria Cristina Roman, Project Evaluation Officer I, POPCOM
- 0943-342-3874
Recorded payments and member’s names
Received payments for PTA membership and issued receipts
Receives and counts an amount of working cash from the Cashier
Accepts deposits ( cash and checks)
Accepts loan payments
Accepts SSS Payments
Transmits SSS collection every 15th and 30th of the month
Processes withdrawals
Encashment of ON - US checks
Reconciles cash drawer and balances the Proof Sheet at the end of the day
Roles as Admin. Asst. II:
• Verifies, approves, and validates withdrawals, encashment, cash and check deposits
• In charge of new accounts and updates existing accounts
• Posts and balances daily transactions
• Responsible for collection reports and daily tickets
• Handles the petty cash fund

• Prepares Tax Remittance Advices
• Assists the Accountant
• Prepares remittances of employees
• Prepares vouchers, obligation requests, and other attachments
• Performs other duties related which may be assigned from time to time
Roles as Acting Disbursing Officer:
• Disburses salaries, bonuses, cash gifts, TEVs, RATA and other personnel benefits
• Collects fees, refunds & disallowances, issues receipts and deposit the same to authorized banks
• Prepares checks
• Prepares advice of checks issued and cancelled
• Remits payments to various creditors
• Maintains Petty Cash Fund
• Maintains the following Record Books
- Check Disbursement Records
- Cash Disbursement Records
- Cash Receipt Records
• Safeguards the following accountable forms:
- Check Registers
- Check Booklets
- Official receipts
• Submits the following reports:
- Report of Checks Issued
- Report of Disbursements
- Report of National Collection – Fees and Charges (For B.T.R.)
- Report of Collection and Deposit (For COA)
- Monthly Report of Accountability for Accountable Forms
• Performs other duties that maybe assigned from time to time
• GSIS, PHIC Liaison Officer

Orientation and Re-Orientation Meeting with Agency Authorized Officers (AAOs) & ERF Handlers – GSIS
8am-12pm, April 14, 2015, SACOP Epatha Development Center, Maimpis, CSFP
Development of Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) – Commission on Population Central Office
Feb. 23-27, 2015, Subic Travelers Hotel, Subic
National Communication Planning Workshop for PPMP 2015-2016 – Commission on Population Central Office
Dec. 1-6, 2014, A&A Plaza Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Training and Re-training of Agency Authorized Officers (AAOs) and Electronic Remittance File (ERF) Handlers – GSIS
Oct. 29, 2014, SACOP Epatha Development Center, Maimpis, CSFP
Inter-Regional Visit of GAD Best Practices – Commission on Population
June 10-13, 2014, Cebu and Bohol

2014 National Festival of Talents – DepEd

April 7-9, 2014, Olongapo City

2014 Tax Campaign Kick-Off – Bureau of Internal Revenue
1pm-5pm, March 19, 2014, SM City Pampanga

Electronic Billing & Collection System Training for ERF Handlers & Finance Officers
1pm-5pm, Feb. 17, 2014, GSIS Pampanga Branch Office

Seminar on Swarm Behavior and Evolving Concepts in Management Theory and Practice
1pm-5pm, Jan. 11, 2014, Graduate School of Business, Holy Angel University, Angeles City, Pampanga

Gender and Development Training – Commission on Population III
Dec. 18-19, 2013, SACOP, DMGC, Maimpis, CSFP

Seminar on Taxes Affecting NGAs, LGUs, and GOCCs – Bureau of Internal Revenue
1pm-5pm, Dec. 4, 2013, BIR, Pampanga Capitol Compound

Training on Basic Demography- Commission on Population III
Sessions: Demographic Concepts, Measures of Population, Population Growth, Fertility, Mortality, and Migration
October 22-25, 2013, Hotel Supreme, Baguio City

Briefing on Electronic-Tax Remittance Advice- Bureau of Internal Revenue
1pm-5pm, June 25, 2013, BIR, Pampanga Capitol

Seminar on Actual Work in Audit and Corporate Finance - Punongbayan&Araullo
8am-12pm, March 13, 2012, Holy Angel University

Seminar on Entity Risk Management and Corporate Governance - Holy Angel University
8am-12pm, March 2012

See Resume for complete list
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