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NUFS 312 Popcorn Lab

No description

Le Chang

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of NUFS 312 Popcorn Lab

Popcorn Quality Assessment
- Materials and methods
- Results and discussion
- Bar Chart - Average and Variation
- F-test, T-test and ANOVA
- Regression
- 3 sigma control charts
- Conclusion and suggestions
- Questions?
Materials and Methods
Averages and variation
F-test, T-test and ANOVA
T-test and ANOVA-->Differences between地means of two groups
F-test --> test the variances of two groups
Three Requirements for ANOVA:

1.Equal Variance
2. Independent sampling
3.Normal distribution

3 Sigma Control Chart
Efficiently reflect the quality of popcorn product
Use a three sigma limit to set the Upper and Lower Control
UCL = μ + 3sigma , LCL = μ - 3sigma
-the mean of a group of samples
-->how far each number in the set is from the mean

By: Le Chang, Lison Tse, Jingjing Wei,
Tong Wu and Zhenni Yan

Thank you!

Conclusions and Suggestions
- F-test, T-test and ANOVA
- Bar Chart - Average and Variation
- Regression
- 3 sigma control charts

- Improvement
- Bar Chart - Average and Variation
- F-test, T-test and ANOVA
- Regression
- 3 sigma control charts
Results and discussion
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