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Falcon Pride Month

No description

David Mullane

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Falcon Pride Month

FALCON PRIDE MONTH AMS Guidance counselors will present to all AMS students through the month of October. They will discuss bullying, school safety, and other social issues. Guidance Talks Student names will be submitted for being excellent examples of character and those nominated will receive an awards at a ceremony at the end of the month and get to eat at the Character Table.
Character Awards Enter the t-shirt design contest.

The winning design will put on a t-shirt, be sold to the school, and be worn at the end of the month.

The winner gets his or her t-shirt for free.

Forms and details are available in the main office. T-Shirt Design Contest GO FALCONS Red and Blue Days Listen for red and blue day announcements.

The first red and blue day will be this Friday.

Try to wear both red and blue!! AMS Mentors and YSU Student Teachers lead fun activities for AMS Students after school. Join us this Thursday night, after school in the Cafetorium for our first event from 3 - 4 PM. FALCON FUN NIGHTS Other Events Mix it up at Lunch Speakers Spirit Assemblies Red and Blue Game RESPECT CITIZENSHIP CARING RESPONSIBILITY FAIRNESS TRUSTWORTHINESS
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