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European Exploration

No description

Lauren Gehle

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of European Exploration

4 Different Groups During the Renaissance the printing press was invented, causing books to be more available. Why did Europeans start
to explore? Spain explored the area of Florida and Mexico Where they explored. Effects of Exploration Spain- Lauren Gehle European Exploration The French came for beaver furs
to make hats. Spanish came for spices and then heard about the Legendary Gold Cities. The English came for religion freedom The Dutch came for
furs and spices to trade. Spanish English French Dutch
(Netherlands) Then, Marco Polo's books taught them about the other land in the world. European
Explorations English explored Canada
and the Atlantic Coast French explored Canada (Quebec)
and the mid-US, like Ohio, Louisiana,
Missouri, and many other states in the
general area. Netherlands explored New
York areas and the Hudson River area in Canada Spain explored the Florida
area and Mexico area Explored Florida Influence-
*Many people speak Spanish
*Architecture Spain-
Explored Mexico Influenced
*Mexico's main language is Spanish
* Holidays & activities (soccer and bull fighting are 2)
* Architecture and food (Quesadillas and Guacamole) French- Explored Quebec
Quebec's main language is French Same customs English- Explored Atlantic Coast * Jamestown resulted into expanding the colonies over the whole US *Main language is English *England's democracy and cultures. *Holidays passed down Dutch- Explored New York area Influenced-- New York is called this after the Kings brother -Duke of York. They all wanted more land mass. They also thought they could benefit a good profit by finding new products Many streets are named after the Dutch in New York. This is for you Devin :D
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