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Copy of Sports Injuries Health Project

sports injuries

Morgan Te Oka

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Sports Injuries Health Project

What sports do you enjoy playing?
There are many injuries that can happen while
playing all different sports like soccer, basketball,
tennis, and baseball. Sports Injuries In Hockey + Football Head Injuries-

This happens when the
head gets hit or slammed
against something. This is
very common in contact
sports, but mostly in hockey. Also, this injury can happen to basketball (mainly diving for balls) and football athletes . Neck Injuries-

This happens when the head
hits against something or
twists the wrong way when
it hits. It is more common in
younger kids than
professionals because their
bodies haven’t fully
developed yet. This injury is
most common for football
players, but also soccer and
hockey. These types of injuries can happen to athletes that play all different sports. Tennis Elbow-

It is caused by repetition and
by stress of hitting the ball.
This causes pain in the elbow
(mostly), wrist, and forearm. It
may also happen to golfers,
pitchers, volleyball players,
and weight lifters.

(It is named “Tennis Elbow” because
it’s most common for tennis players.) Neck Pain-

This is caused by stretching
or reaching high to hit or
serve a ball. It happens
because it is easy to strain
the neck muscles. This pain
is most common to tennis
players, but may also occur
to athletes that hit or punch
things in different positions. Sport Injuries In Soccer Shin Splint-

This is caused by stress on the arch in the foot or impact to the shin area. The injury is the reason all soccer players wear shin guards. This may also happen to runners and volleyball players, but mostly soccer players. Ankle Sprain-

This occurs when the foot
twists awkwardly, putting
stress on the ligaments
which stretch or tear. It is
a major soccer injury, but
could also happen to
basketball, volleyball,
baseball, and softball
players. Sports Injuries For ALL Athletes Sore Shoulders-

This injury is not very
serious, but many athletes
get it because your
shoulders are used in
almost all sports. Players
from many sports like
basketball, baseball, golf,
tennis, and many more
can get a sore shoulder. Heat Stroke-

This illness/injury is part
of one of the most
common sports injuries in kids, “Heat-Related Illnesses”. It happens when you get too hot playing or
practicing a sport. This is
one of the main reasons
to stay hydrated and drink
plenty of water. Doctor Facts Doctors are very important people when it comes to any injuries, not just sports injuries.
All athletes should go straight to the emergency room when they get any sports injury.
Most doctors who treat sports injuries do not see many professional athletes, they see mostly ordinary people.
Sports medicine deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries when participating in a sport. The Worst Sports Injury Ever A Compound Fracture

This is when you break your arm or leg bone in half and the jagged edge of the broken bone tears through the skin!

Known as “the worst sports injury ever” Sports Injuries
The stretching or tearing of ligaments is a sprain.

The stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon is a strain. These injuries to tendons, nerves, and other tissues are caused by performing the same movement over and over.

Rest will usually help heal the injury. Sports Injuries for Runners/Joggers Runner’s knee-

This can happen when you
run or jog frequently.
When running or jogging,
the constant motion can
put stress on the knee

(It is called “Runner’s Knee”
because it usually happens to runners.) Sports Injuries Fun Facts Between 1990 and 2003, more than 1.6 million people went to the emergency room as result of playing soccer.
40% of the soccer injuries were related to knees and ankles.
Each year around 1.2 million people are injured for long periods by playing sports. More Sports Injury Fun Facts Each year about 200,000 people get injured playing softball.
Each year more than 200,000 adults get injured riding bikes.
Many basketball players each year get a concussion, which is a bruise to the brain. Sprains and Strains Repetitive Motion Injuries

Most sports are either contact sports, like rugby and judo, or non-contact sports like tennis, skateboarding, swimming and cricket. Some sports, such as netball and waterpolo, are essentially non-contact, but unavoidable person-to-person contact does occur. Certain types of injury are particular to certain sports, and as an example, facial injuries are more prevalent in contact sports such as rugby, than in non-contact sports such as tennis. Most sports injuries are preventable. To help avoid injuries, participants should:
Warm up
Stretch muscles
Maintain fitness
Train adequately
Play to standard
Use the correct equipment and clothing
Cease activity as soon as a suspected injury occurs. POSTER PICK A SPORT PREVENT Groups of 3 Poster MUST include Heading 3 Sports injuries (Major or Minor) Example for each Promote ways to prevent injury Sports Injuries In Tennis
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