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Meta Américas

An impact measurement firm for Latin America

Matt Goodman

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Meta Américas

Meta Américas

We help companies and organizations of all sizes combine profitability with social responsibility.

Through socio-environmental impact measurement and a strategic management approach, we provide our clients with the tools to gain a competitive advantage in global markets and generate a positive social and environmental impact.
Our Goal: Shared Value
Our Difference
The Five Phase Process
Post Analysis Follow-On
For Individual Clients:
Periodic Re-assessment
Strategy Consulting Based on Findings
Market Access Advising
Private and Public CSR Certification Assistance

Shareholder Earnings

Socio-Economic Development
About Us

Phase 1: Creating an Organizational Profile of the Business and its Goals

Phase 2: Outline the Impact Value Chain
Phase 3: Indicators are Identified and Discussed with Client
Phase 4: Impact Calculation and the Measurement of SROI
Deliverable: Scope of work and timeline

Phase 5: Reporting
Deliverable: Two-Stage Impact Map
Stage 1: Identifies stakeholders, intended changes, and inputs (costs).
Stage 2: Identifies outputs, and potential/expected outcomes.
Deliverable: Three-State Impact Map
Stage 1: Identifies stakeholders, intended changes, and inputs (costs).
Stage 2: Identifies outputs, and potential/expected outcomes.
Stage 3: Identifies indicators (using IRIS if appropriate), quantities, duration, financial proxies, and estimated values (+/-).

Deliverable: Complete impact map using proprietary quantitative model.
Deliverable: Full SROI written report detailing:
- Scope and stakeholders
- Outcomes and evidence
- Impact
- Social return calculation
- Audit trail

For Workshop Participants:
1-on-1 sessions to work through an analysis with core business decision-makers
Strategy Consulting Based On:
Market Access Advising
Private and Public CSR Certification Assistance
Environmental and Health Impacts
Increased Revenue
Maximize Net Income
Our Services

1. Capacity Building Workshops
2. Individual Client/Program Impact Evaluations
3. CSR Program and Impact Investment Evaluations

All services are customizable for startups, SMEs, MNCs, financial institutions, NGOs, and public entities.
Contact Us:
In Guadalajara:
Matthew Goodman, co-founder/CEO
+52 33 1481 5884

In Washington, D.C.:
Patrick Krissek, co-founder/COO
+1 740 815 5004

In Tokyo (Creixa Consulting):
Guillermo Juárez Salinas
Tel: +81 (1) 80 2344 0919
Follow Us: @meta_americas

Our Partners
In partnership with management consulting firm
Creixa Consulting

1. Risk Management and Compliance
2. Business Model Development
3. Public Perception Management
4. Organization and Human Capital Management
5. IT Consulting
6. Internal Process Auditing

Through Creixa Consulting, we offer expanded access to Asia through our Tokyo office.
Our Team
Our team has vast experience working for private and public sector entities such as the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Defense, Young Americas Business Trust/OAS, MSI, and Springhill Consulting Group.

Our Experience Includes:
Management and Business Development Consulting
Program Monitoring and Evaluation
Project Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Economic Modeling
Qualitative and Quantitative analysis

Experience in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and partners in Asia provides clients global reach.
In partnership with sustainable real estate developer
Proyecta Convida

1. Sustainable Real Estate Development
2. Construction and Project Execution
3. Sustainable Business Consulting
In partnership with base of pyramid and social entrepreneurship expert

1. Business Consulting
2. Business Skill Development including but not limited to:
a) Sustainable business model development
b) Accounting and financial reporting
c) Marketing, operations
d) Human resource management

All of Meta Américas services can be combined with the following service offerings of our strategic partners:
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