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Principle of Management

No description

Rhinna Mam

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Principle of Management

Ly Fin
Principle of Management
National University of Management
Faculty of Management

Major: International Business

Lecturer: Chuck Chung
Case Study#2: Steelton
1. Sem Khevin 2. Cheu Lyfin
3. Chen Votey 4. Taing Eamhong
5. Mam Puth Barmey


Based on old report from company, workers loaded about 30 pieces per hour over an 8-hour shift. At this pace, it will take the six students 6 weeks to finish the task.

1. If you were the supervisor in charge, what would you do?
2. What would motivate the students to work harder?
3. What can you change about the way the work is done to deal with the unavoidable physical fatigue?

Solution of the case
- Divide the students into 2 teams
- Work 7days/week (8 hours/day)
- Load 360 pieces/day/team (45 pieces/hour)
- Give 15 minutes break after working for 2 hours
- Bonus payment for additional pieces
- If job will be done on time, give 2 weeks break

Job will be done if quota is met.

Support to solution
- Teams stimulate friendly competition
- 15 minutes break decreases physical fatigue
- Additional benefit and minimum wage while offering 2 weeks - - break and bonuses _ motivate them and increase efficiency

Introduction of the case
As the day-shift supervisor at the ISG Steelton, I has recruited
6 students
to work this summer.

Job description
: work as a team, pick the pieces of metal, get metal into the rail car.

Scrap metal field
: each stack of metal contains 390 pieces, and each piece weighs 92 pounds and a bout 1 yard long.


Stack of metal
Workers loaded about 30 piece of metal/1 hour over an 8 hours shift
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