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Hyperthinking Accenture

November Brussels

ZN Team

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Hyperthinking Accenture

Our education system is not ready Need change mindset Connect the dots Change / Adapt Hyperthinking things you can do 9 2. Challenge your paradigms 4. Practice Creativity 5. Fail fast ? > < ) 6. Leverage your networks 8. Crowdsource Philip Weiss New market makers Create self learning habits 9. Share Cases B2B Start simple - Measure - Segment Blogger voice Make them tell the story Black swans Be creative Mind maps Thinking hats Embrace networks Open Collaborate Share Test and learn Adapt Make it happen 3. Make new connections 7. Open up 1. Take it personally and make this a habit Destination:
Innovation. BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge HyperThinking session February 7th Session Overview: * Accenture introduction
* ZN introduction
* Team exercise
* Presentations
* Questions and comments
* Mind map
* Recap
* Spigit & Next steps Introduction to the “BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge” The Innovation Challenge as part of Accenture’s overall mission BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge is an integral part of the BeLux Ambition initiative Mission BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge Mission Accenture Accenture's mission is to become one of the world's leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives The Mission of the innovation contest is to mobilize our full internal innovative potential within BeLux through harvesting relevant innovative idea’s, making sure that innovation mindset is part of every Accenture Belux employee. BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge
The Innovation Challenge as part of Accenture’s overall mission This Innovation Challenge will follow a stage-gate approach with the following timing and milestones BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge
The Innovation Challenge timeline and approach Introduction to HyperThinking:
Creating a new mindset for the age of networks IN ACTION Mindmap debriefing As pilot for Accenture global, the Belux 2013 Innovation Challenge will use Spigit to capture and nurture ideas coming from this session, and DTE follow-up sessions Spigit is an e-platform enabling companies to foster innovation through collaboration, game mechanics and analytics.

The main functionalities are:
Ideation: facilitates submitting new ideas
Challenges: directs participants to submit ideas responding to specific challenges (spearheads) allowing to innovate on a specific business need
Involvement: allows whole community to comment, like and vote on submitted ideas
Rating: allows to rate submitted ideas on predefined entry criteria
Mobile: New apps for iOS and Android let you innovate and participate on the go Taking it forward
BeLux 2013 Innovation Challenge to pilot Spigit What is Spigit? WRAP UP
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