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D&Y Doggie Resort and Spa

No description

Audrey Yung

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of D&Y Doggie Resort and Spa

Audrey Yung and Brianna D'Alessandri The Industry Our Company: D&Y Doggie Resort and Spa Target Customers/Competitors 9 billion dollar industry
Grows 4.1% annually
Three main participants
dog groomers
dog boarding
doggie daycare
Leaves open market to combine these three into one
core competency Target customers
any dog owner
working professionals in Lexington
Older/Retired People
Single Women
Dogtown Lexington
closest to our model
Other Local Groomers/Boarders Questions????? D&Y Doggie Resort and Spa "Treating Your Dog Like Gold for the Price of Silver" Plan to start business in the next 6 months
Location: 501 W. 6th Street, Lexington, KY
close to Coolavin Park
Seed Stage of Development
Combination of all three participants in market
Partnership Service Plan Grooming Services
Grooming Day: $40-Includes bathing, nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and a sanitary trim.
$5 dollars additionally for a haircut beyond sanitary needs.

Individual Services
Bath: $15
Nail Trim: $5
Teeth Brushing: $5
Ear Cleaning: $5
Haircut: $20
Sanitary Trim: $15

Boarding Services
Daily Daycare
Full day: $15
Half-day (less than 5 hours) $10
Work Week (M-F) for full-day Daycare- $70
Full Week Price- $100 Service Plan Rules, Regulations, and Additions Grooming during a daycare session or boarding session-Grooming Day package will be reduced to $30
1 walk per day is included.
but can pay $5 dollars for each additional walk.
Dogs will generally be out of crate-except feeding and sleeping
Owners must bring in dog food for their pet with instructions with amounts included.
Dogs will only be accepted once they have completed all of their puppy vaccinations.
All dogs must be up to date on shots and vaccines, and must be given heartworm and flea treatments.
Must be spayed or neutered
Documentation of all of the above must be provided
Dog must be in daycare one day before being allowed to board with us. Marketing Plan Unique Selling Point
Able to have all of your dog needs met in one place
simplifies schedule
helps build relationship with dog, owner, and employees
Social Media
Facebook and Twitter
Helps reach students and working professionals
Offer discounts
Newspaper Ads/Flyers
Helps reach older sector of market and students
Farmers Market
those involved in downtown life-working professionals
West 6th Brewery -5% Friday offerings
Alliance with Dog Parks of Lexington and Local Stores where we will purchase supplies. Operations & Development Plan Equipment Involved
Grooming Materials
Hair cutting tools, teeth brushing supplies, nail trimmers, files, shampoo, conditioner, tubs, blow dryers, brushes
Boarding/Daycare Materials
Retractable leashes, dog food, bowls, crates, toys, beds, and blankets
Business Supplies
register, business cards, laptop, decorations, credit card machine
Production of supplies will come from local businesses/warehouses The Team Audrey Yung
Dual Degree in Accounting and Management
Dog Owner
Brianna D'Alessandri
Marketing Degree
Dog Owner

The combination of our degrees will help us be successful. Brianna will focus on Marketing, while Audrey will do the hiring of employees and take care of the finances.

Both sets of parents are self-employed with their own business. Financial Plan After estimating costs around 26,000 dollars, we decided to go forward with the following plan:
Business loan in the amount of 35,000
this will cover all upfront expenses, and leave room for unforeseen expenses
Personal Investment
This will allow for a good cash position until we begin to make a profit
breakeven after first year
We will not be taking a salary until we pay back family
Only hiring one employee to do secretarial work
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