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my family

No description

Julia Brendlinger

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of my family

favorite activites
I like to swim , bake/cook, draw,write songs/stories, sleep,eat,play with my little sister,and play with my pet pug.
my family
I have a big family. i have three sisters and one brother two of my sisters and my brother are older then me but i have one younger sister nd she is absolute adorable! thier names are Falicia,Brandon,Katie (older),and Jocelyn (younger).
my mom and dad got divorced when i was 5 or 6 my moms name is shannon and my dads is daniel.
favorite foods
pictures and videos
I dont have many friends but the friends i do have are really great. some of my friends names are abby,jazzy,tia,spring,robert.skylar.Thats really all of the friends i have .
I like alot of foods but some of my favriotes are
poporn chicken ,tacos,cheese pizzas,my moms homemade chicken noodle soup,my grandmas sour cream noodle bake,and much much more. but my most favriote food of all time are baked potatoes #yum.
minions :o
mom & dad
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