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Marketing Project

No description

Straffai Cleveland

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Project

"Hydration Station"
Marketing Project
SSPE 401
Straffai Cleveland
Decima Deadmon

Mission Statement
"Hydration station is an energy drink here to serve athletes. This drink provides a burst of energy, hydration, and recovery for the athlete. This drink is not like any other of those sports drink. The drink provides for all of the stages while performing. Energy, hydration, and recovery can all be contained in one serving of the drink rather than taking three different products like all of the other sports drinks. "
Situational Analysis
Pros Compared To Other Sports Drinks
Gives Three Stages One Drink
Only Have To Drink One Bottle Per Performance
Drinking Water Will Enhance Product
"Hydration Station" Production
Our product can be used by all ages. Just like other sports drinks our drink is only recommended for people who are physically active about 3 times a week. Hydration station will come in a liquid form of a 20 ounce flow bottle. The powered form of the product will also be available in packets for purchase. The product will be available for purchase in all convenient, grocery, sports stores, and will sold in bulk for any sports or club affiliations.
Cons Compared To Other Sports Drink
Getting Athletes To Try Product
Athletes May Be Use To Three Step Process
Competition With Other Sports Drinks
Customer Analysis
Preferably athletes who are in competition or practice for about 3 times a week
Target Market: Product Loyalty
Product loyalty for "Hydration Station" may be hard to come by at first. Most athletes are already tied up in other endorsements. So our product would have to start at a lower level such as semi pro or minor leagues. Athletes in these stages are just starting in their career so our product would be a good fit for them.
Market Segmentation
The "Hydration Station" energy drink is for everyone. We are trying to give the buyers what they want. This drink helps them to appear as how they want their performance to go. We want to keep the customers as confident as possible when performing.

Strategies and Tactics
What We Want To Achieve
Cut out drinking sodas
Drinking more water
Drinking more of our product
How We Will Achieve
Advertising and Promotion
through camps, sports events, social media
Giving discount bulk prices to little league, high schools, colleges, and professionals
Grocery Stores
Athletic stores (Dicks, Hibbets, E.B. Sports)
GMC locations
Local Gyms

First Year Plan
Getting Known
Find Endorsements
Continuing To Market The Product
Bring In Customers From Other Competitors
10 Year Plan
Continue promoting
Having More Endorsements
Be Over the Competitors
Continuing to Make Profit
As our products go out all over the world we would like to see better performance within our athletes and also see an improvement in health. Our drink is available to everyone and is cheaper than products on the shelf. With our product consumers will know they are buying from a company that is focused only on the customers and the outcome of our product.
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