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May 5, 2011 CL/ACL Meeting

No description

Ann Chlorakos

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of May 5, 2011 CL/ACL Meeting

How Structure of CLCs? Why

*data collection* Day 2: Focus: Student Work sharing experiences analysis of lesson *moderated marking* next steps/planning snapshot of CLC for presenting **assessment pieces** *impact on student achievement* do we do this...
Why have we started this initiative? To Change Student Achievement ... professional learning communities student work in front of them defined goals leader facilitated Focus: Developing Resources for Implementation impact on student achievement expectations/goals background on CLC topic plan implmentation Day 1: overview of CLC meet CLC members lesson planning TDSB Science Learning Session, Thursday May 5th 2011 Goals
- celebrate successes
- STSE - share one success
story and/or challenge Housekeeping Science in the Media and Everyday Life Thanks to: WELCOME FAREWELL CLCs Dr. Joe Schwarcz Before you Go... Thank You Science in the Media and Everyday Life CELEBRATION TIME Energizer - Ball Toss
- start with 1 ball
- Round 1: learn names
- Round 2: use names
- Round 3: use 2 balls Do teachers plan and teach lessons/units of instruction togehter? Do teachers observe each other's practice? What happens when students aren't learning? Ask Yourself 3 Articles
- read and record
- share
- consesus on common big ideas Teamwork
Strategy 3 Lesson Study
Examining Practice with New Eyes
Graphic on last page Deep Conversations
First section (abstract and introduction) Big Ideas... CLC Topics Who is involved? A & E Literacy DI/Cooperative Learning STSE Our CLC Facilitators What is our goal? critical analysis of pedagogy collaboration development of teaching strategies implementation of strategies moderated marking measurable student improvment "... a group of professionals with shared goals and a strong level of trust and respect collaborating to improve their lesson-delivery skills through talking, researching, planning, observing and sharing feedback." Inquiry STSE
- Leesa Blake - Malvern CI
- Catherine Kurucz - Sir Robert Borden BTI Inquiry
- Mike Doig - York Mills CI
- Paul Weight - Danforth CTI A & E
- Jennifer Allen - Winfields JHS
- Mary Nishio - Riverdale CI Literacy
- Joseph Lozon - Woburn CI
- Leila Knetsch - Albert Campbell CI
- Ashlyn Young - Cedarbrae CI DI/Cooperative Learning
- Tasneem Munir - Lester B. Pearson CI
- Nandanee Sawh - Woburn CI Dinner is Served!! - share one success
story and/or challenge Pearson Nelson Edvantage Boreal McGraw Dr. Joe Schwarcz for all your leadership ABC's of....

“Science teachers are the key to unlocking the equity gap….” The Ultimate
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