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rich james

on 30 September 2009

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Transcript of geogerrs

Greenfield Vs Brownfield sites
Definition of Greenfield
Definition of Brownfield
building new
on browfield
socio economic
Regeneration Works!
A piece of industrial or commercial property that is abandoned or underused and often environmentally contaminated, especially one considered as a potential site for redevelopment.
Greenfield / New Build
Habitats and wildlife is destroyed
New infrastructure is needed
Campaigns & pressure groups against such building projects for example: Campaign to Protect Rural England, National Farmers Union
New buildings out of fashion and contreversial designs (EG The Millenium Dome)
New builds on greenfield sites can feel soulless.
Encourage wildlife to the area via the construction of urban parks and recreational areas.
Little new infrastructure needed
Research showing it can be 30% cheaper to renovate than to buy new.
Local identity, distinction and cohesion
Timless design
A piece of usually semirural property that is undeveloped except for agricultural use, especially one considered as a site for expanding urban development.
- Christopher A. De Sousa - Landscape and Urban Planning 62 (2003) 181–198. 'Turning brownfields into green space in the City of Toronto'
- Urban Regeneration in the UK (2005) Phil Jones and James Evans
Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration - Liveable places From Problem Spaces - Page 98- 103
English Heritage report - "Low Demand Housing and the Historic Environment"
Photos: Google Images, Channel 4, Manchester Airport, Self Taken.
Right Move
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Brownfield knockdowns
The benefits of turning brownfields green
Christopher A. De Sousa carried research into turning brownfields into green space in the City of Toronto.

Da Sousa asked what kinds of benefits there were from turning Brownfield sites green. Nine of the Interviewees he asked found that they identified the creation of new ecological habitats as a primary issue.

Most of the other key benefits identified involvement, providing more recreational spaces, offering models for future redevelopment and enhanced educational opportunities.
Destroying Ecological Habitats
"Urban regeneration is ideally suited to deliver
Sustainability" Phil Jones analysis some benifits
of gentrification and how to deal with social
problems in a holistic and long term way
Environmental benifits
Case study Comparison Between Thames Gateway and Greater Manchester
A significantly higher amount of brownfield land in Greater Manchester is Derelict 73% in 2004, compaired with Thames Gateway 44% in the same year.

In 2004, In relative land area terms, on average some 2% of the total land area in Greater Manchester is derelict (2480 ha). In Thames Gateway about 1% of the total land area is derelict (1580 ha).

In 2003, brownfield land was mainly in private ownership in both areas, although a substantial amount of ownership is unknown in Greater Manchester.
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