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Matti Sprayberry

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Italy

The capital of Italy is Rome. Some of the major languages are Latin and Italian. Italy is in the continent of Europe.
Geography of Italy
Two of the major landforms are volcanoes and the Italian Islands. Three of the major landmarks are the Colosseum, Pantheon, and the Grand Canal. Two of the major bodies of water are the Tiber River and the Arno River. Four of the major cities in Italy are Rome, Venice, Milan, and Turin
Italy Culture
The clothing they have is simple pants and a shirt for men and a blouse and skirt for the women. The music they have is opera and folk. One of the holidays they have is
Easter Monday. The
religions they
believe in is Christian
and Catholic. Some
of the food they have
is thin slices of meat
and pasta.
Fun Facts
Some of the models of transportation in Italy are bus and metro, taxi, car, motorcycle, and a train.
Climate in Italy
The general weather conditions in Italy are all different. The average yearly rainfall is .4 inches. The average yearly temperature is 54 degrees F to 12 degrees F.
The History of Italy
Italy came to be a country on March 17, 1861. One of the famous people in Italy is Julius Caesar. One of the major events in Italy was that the Greeks and others settled there.
The Italy Flag was established in 1948. The green section on the flag stands for hope, the white section on the flag stands for faith, and the red section on the flag stands for charity.
The population of Italy is approximately
59.83 million.
Some of the strange laws in Italy are that it is illegal to build sandcastles on the beach. Also it is illegal for a man to wear a skirt.
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