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Types of Businesses Assignment

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agne0040 agne0040

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Types of Businesses Assignment

Name and Mailing Address of Business
Ron Shaich started his business in 1980 with a 400-square-foot store in Boston called the Cookie Jar.
He then merged his cookie store with a bakery, resulting in Au Bon Pain Co.
They changed their name once more to St. Louis Bread Company, and Finally Panera
They've been growing ever since and opening new stores more often than before
Panera Bread
6710 Clayton Road Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Ronald M. Shaich (CEO)
Franchise fee: 35,000, 942,000 - 1.6 million
Fees to evaluate/approve other suppliers: 25,000-75,000
20 years (initial franchise term)
3 million in liquid assets
Cultural fit and passion for fresh bread.
Total commitment to development of Panera Bread brand
Panera Bread
Types of Businesses Assignment
By: Agnes and Belle
A bit of history of the development of Panera Bread
Name of Owner of the Business
What Type of Business or Products Provided
How big Panera is
Ranking in Terms of Popularity Compared to other Businesses in Their Field
Costs of Buying and Operating the Franchise
Franchisor/Franchisee Rights and Responsibilities
"Food as it should be"
Business Logo and Slogan
Bakery/cafe chain
19 in Ontario
2100 in the world
Revenue: 2.8 billion
widely known
not as much as other healthy restaurants like subway, etc
No specific ranking
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