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Malaika Webb

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is a hummingbird?
A hummingbird is a very tiny
bird, the smallest bird ever. The smallest animal with a backbone. Hummingbirds also have a very large brain that takes up 4.2% of its' body weight. They are about 7.5 to 13 centimeters long.
What does it look like?
Where does it live?
Their wings are an outstanding part of the hummingbirds body. Their wings beat 60-80 times per second. Their wings help them to fly up and down, backwards and forwards, and they can hover in mid air.
Hummingbirds are mostly found in North and South America. During migration they can be found in Mexico, or anywhere that has alot of red.
What does it eat?
Hummingbirds eat many things such as sweet nectar,
masquitoes, aphids, gnats, midges, caterpillers, flying ants,
weevils, small beetles, whiteflies, insect eggs, small spiders
and some eat tree sap. They eat more then they weigh and
they eat at least every 10-15 minutes.
Why does it migrate
Hummingbirds migrate for reproductive purposes. Hummingbirds are like penguins they go back to there birth place to lay there eggs.
Are hummingbirds endangered
We do not know that they are endangered due to the fact that the data is incorect
The end
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