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Skeletal and Muscular system

No description

OMPS 5th Grade

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Skeletal and Muscular system

Skeletal and Muscular systems
Skeletal system
The skeletal system is the structure of bones
in your human body. Without it, you wouldn't be
able to do much. The skeletal system is a very
important part of your body.

Muscular System
The purpose of your upper body skeleton

The skeletal system is a very important part of the body. The process of making a small movement is complicated, but you can do it in a split second. Imagine a human body without bones. It would be wobbly and useless. Your spine is very important. Each part of your spine moves just a tiny bit. All of that movement put together makes a flexible back bone. Attached to your spine are your hips. Your hips can also move.
The purpose of your lower body:

Without your lower body, you wouldn't be able to walk. Right below your hips are your legs. Your legs help you a lot, but without your feet, you wouldn't be able to balance.

Your lower body skeleton provides the shape and size of your body. Your lower body is a big part of supporting your body . You wouldn't be able to stand without any of the support of your lower body skeleton.

How your skeletal and muscular systems work together
The skeletal system and the muscular system work together as the framework. In this way it has providing pieces that let humans move.
Also, the two systems work together or connect with each other is that muscles connect to your bones. The muscles contract and move the bones and body along.
The purpose of the lower body muscles
The purpose of the upper body muscles
The Muscular system is an organ system
consisting of skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles.

Muscles allow the body to move. When you want to move, your brain sends signals throughout your body, making your muscles make different sorts of movements, depending on what you tell your body to do.
The process is complicated, just like the movement of the skeletal system, but just like the skeletal system, you can do it in a split second.

Lower body strength is important to perform everyday activities, including sitting, standing, and many other things. Your lower body muscles are usually very flexible. When you walk or run, your legs are moving forward, bending, and then moving back. You wouldn't be able to walk or run very fast without bending your legs. Without muscles, your body wouldn't be able to do anything.
. The bones in your hands and feet combined, make up half the bones in your body
. Muscles make up about 40% of the average person's weight
.Our bones are 6 times stronger than steel
. The smallest muscle in your body is in your ear
. Your spine has 33 bones in it
. Your tongue is considered to be the strongest muscle in your body
. Your ribs help support your lungs, heart, and upper body muscles
. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 42 muscles to frown
. The longest bone in your body is called the femur, which
is attached to your hip bone, and your knee bone
. It takes half as long to gain muscle than it does
to lose it

If you didn't have any upper body muscles, you
wouldn't be able to hold yourself up. Your upper body would be a floppy mess, and you wouldn't get very far like that.

Upper body strength is very important, especially in your arms. If you ever do a push-up, you should realize that your arms might hurt. It takes a lot of muscle work to push up your whole body with just your arms.
The main thing that these systems do when they work together is movement. Also other functions like stability, and protection. There are also joints which act as fulcrums, the muscles and bones work together as levers for the human body
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