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PharmaSim - Allstar Brands

MKT 520 presentation ( our first prezi) !!!!

Donna Skwirut

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of PharmaSim - Allstar Brands

??? Team Overview – Stock Price Team Overview – Cum. Net Income Performance Overview Trade promotions include promotional allowances and co-op advertising
Consumer promotions include distribution of free trial size packages, coupons, and point-of-purchase displays
Consumer and trade promotions are a significant part of marketing in the OTC cold and allergy remedy market Promotion Plays a major role in establishing brand awareness among consumers and in helping to shape consumers' perceptions of products
Three basic advertising decisions each period:
The amount of dollars allocated to the advertising budget
The initial advertising budget had to be higher than the competition in order to “get the ball rolling” and cut back in the future
The content of the advertising message
cold market
The choice of an advertising agency
Brewster, Maxwell Advertising Allstar Brands’ over-the-counter medicine group performed under expectations
Management is reviewing the group
A revitalization of the business is necessary
The market is undergoing some changes, and competition is increasing their efforts to bump Allstar from the number-one spot Overview Result Analysis Net Income & Cum. Net Income Sales Force To ensure Allstar Brands remains a market leader in pharmaceutical sales
To increase sales and net income, as well as stock price, to give shareholders/stockholders the best return on investment
To successfully manage the Allround Brand, line extensions, and new product launches in the over-the-counter (OTC) cold medicine and allergy categories Mission Team #1
Danuta Skwirut
Nicole Knighten
(Aja Robinzine*) Stock Price Pricing Introduced period 4
Line extension
Child 4 hour cold liquid
Received additional budget for product launch
Not too many competitors in this market Allround+ 4 hour multi-liquid
Currently the number one brand in the OTC cold medicine category
Distributed through 5 retail channels
Allround has been losing market share in recent years as new, more narrowly targeted brands have been introduced. Allround Products Brand Formulations
Understanding trade decision allowances
Understanding how to increase share of retail sales

*We wish we could understand what we did wrong in Period 10!
*What did Group 3 do to exceed us FINALLY?
*Should we have bought reports? What we wish we could do over... Price Increases
Sales Force & Allocation over distribution channel
Lowering Marketing Budget

*Use replays when necessary!!
*When having two or more products, watch the dropdown box at top when inputting data! What we did right… Our Advice Allround+ Allround Creative Design
Due to inflation, we continuously raised prices every period on our products

Allround’s effectiveness, high recognition, and level of loyalty have allowed it to maintain a price leadership role in the market Thank You !
PharmaSim P h a r m S i m a
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