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william bendure

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Vandalism

Vandalism By Lilli Taylor Will Reece and Parker
Introduction WB
Vandalism, even though we all see it or at least have heard of it we always just push it aside, and ignore the fact that it is a growing, harmful, and expensive
crime. So why don't we fix it? Read on to find out how.
What is Vandalism? LH
Vandalism is the intentional destruction of property. It can be anything from breaking a pot to burning down a house. You must always ask yourself "is this vandalism?" Because when it seems like a small joke, people can take it very seriously.
Money, Money, Money! RR
Vandalism is easy to do but hard to fix. Just last year it cost United states citizens over 1 billion dollars do to vandalism repairs. This is another reason why people need to be informed on how much vandalism affects people every where and that every time someone vandalizes the money just starts raking up.
Where does It Happen PB
Vandalism is very common in neighbor hoods, cities, parks, every where. But we don't realize that over 1 half of vandalism occurs in high schools.
This makes a big impact on kids and can affect other very imprtant things too. Like grades and many other things.
i TK
Graffiti is one of the most common ways that people vandalize. Its fast, cheap, and kids love it. Less than 10% of graffiti is caused by gangs most of that is a way of marking their territory. But there are many ways to use graffiti, to show art, who they are, what they want, and what they don't want. Think of it as like talking only your committing a crime at the same time.
vandalism's true power WB
Vandalism is able to affect kids and communities in many ways. It can make a very big impact on kids when they think that where they live isn't safe. Because of this the problem may lead to other things like school and sports.We all have to be very careful about the choices that we make and how we fix them.
What We Can Do RR
There are many ways to help stop vandalism. Like putting adds in the paper or spread the word at school like hanging up posters and starting programs. There are many websites related to helping vandalism.
Facts About Vandalism LH
Vandalism can happen online too. There are people referred to as "Hackers." These are people who get into someone's website and change, delete, leave messages, and just plain destroy the entire website.
Conclusion wb
So in conclusion I hope that I have given you a better idea about how serous vandalism can be. But before you leave take this with you,

Our choices make us who we are but if who we are goes against the choices we make then there is no "us."
-William Bendure
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