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By: Jasmine

Jasmine Mendoza

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of BABY

by: Grade 6 girls BABY Bathing: How do you really bathe a baby? Things we need: a.large towel
b.mild soap
d.diaper liner e.cotton buds
f.clean clothes
g.clean diaper Wash the baby's head... Step 1: Be careful a baby's skull is not fully developed... *Best time to bathe a baby is during 10 o'clock in the morning... Dry it up. Undress the baby and bring it to the tub... Wash the neck and back... After, dry it again... Clean its ears and change it's diaper... Wear it's clothes... Clothes of a baby should be comfortable so the baby can move freely... Dressing a Baby Put the baby's shirt, insert it's fingers carefully. Playing is a good exercise for the baby... Playing Talking more often with the baby makes it smarter... Hungry or thirsty
Wet diaper or clothes
Bitten by insects
Feeling cold or warm
Sleepy or tired
Sick When a Baby cries:
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