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The Fennec fox

No description

Aekta Patel

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The Fennec fox

Essential Question
What is the relationship between the fennec fox and the environment ?
energy roll in the food web
The fennec fox is a second level consumer on the food web. A second level consumer eats smaller animals that are high in energy on the energy pyramid. The fennec fox is a omnivore. A omnivore is a consumer that eats both plants and animals.
Fennec Fox Adaptations and Interactions
Biome or ecosystem?
Interesting facts
* The fennec fox only weighs 2 to 3 pounds.
* Their ears are about 6 inches long.
* They pure like a cat when its happy.
* It lives in colonies with up the 10 other foxes
* They are the smallest wild canine.
* They must remain warm.
* The fox will shiver if the temperature goes below 68 degrees.
* The fox can live up to 14 years in
captivity if cared for.
* They can jump as high as 61
* The fox can jump a distance of
120 centimeters.
The Fennec fox
By: Lauren Eissing

biotic and aBiotic factors
The fennec fox lives in the harsh climates of the Sahara desert. Some of the biotic factors that make up their environment are mice, coyotes, mountain lions, and hyenas. Some abiotic factors are soil, sun, sand, water, and weather. THe fennec foxes habitat has the hot days, cold nights, and lots of dry sandy land.
The fennec fox lives in a biome. To be more exact a desert biome. Some things that make up Their biome are sand, cacti, snakes, rocks, coyotes, and other biotic and abiotic factors.
As you can see the fennec fox is an amazing creature. It has many adaptations and hunting skills to keep them alive in the desert. It can survive scorching temperatures and can get ride of heat through there ears along with many other things that make this fox unique. People look at the fennec fox and think how can such a small creature survive in such a harsh environment. But with all of its amazing adaptions and hunting skills it can survive.
Their thick fur helps them keep warm at night. Their fur helps reflect heat and makes excellent camouflage. They also have fur on their feet to their feet to keep them from burning on the hot sand. some of the other adaptations are their large ears that help them get ride of body heat and also their kidneys thAT are adapted to restrict water loss. They also make burrows to keep them out of the hot sun. some major interactions that
the fennec fox has are mostly with
its prey like small snakes,
scorpions, mice and other plants
and animals. It also has
interactions with abiotic factors
like dirt,sand, and rocks that they
dig up the make Their homes.
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