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Rene Magritte

"Not to be Reproduced"

Elizabeth Alaniz

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte "Not to be Reproduced" By: Elizabeth Alaniz Source Born in Lessines, a province of Hainuit in 1898, oldest of three Occasion Audience Purpose Significance Began drawing lessons in 1910 Mother commited suicide on March 12, 1912 When retrieved from the water, her dress was covering her face, a source for many of his paintings Started painting not long after mother's death, first known oil paintings around 1915 Studied at the Academic Royale des Beaux-Arts from 1916-1918, found the instruction boring and uninteresting Married Georgette Berger in 1922, met her as a child in 1915 Had many jobs in the following years, eventually him and his brother made an agency, made living wage A portrait of his friend Edward James
Was painted in 1937
Didnt really paint for any reason, painted it for a living
Inspired by his favorite book by his favorite author, "The Narrative of Arthur Gurdman Pym of Nantucket"by Edgar Allen Poe
Book talked about the perceptions of reality, reflexivity, and self-reflexivity
Started to see a message in the painting Anybody in general, just painted for a living
Realized later that it was mainly for the people who always wanted what they couldn't have Wants the audience to realize that people don't always get what they expect or what they want
You have to try to find the reason behind, or just get used to things you didnt expect, not keep trying to obtain it Technique Used surrealism, a style of painting that makes everything look real, but something in it had been oddly changed
He paints the back of the man insteead of the face
Paints the book correctly in the reflection
Blank background to focus on the man Don't focus too much on what you don't or cant have Nothing in life is guaranteed; expect the unexpected Thank You
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