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Tim Burton

No description

michelle kirby

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Tim Burton

Tim Burton
Enter Johnny Depp...
Too clean
"This role for me was not a career move. This role was FREEDOM. Freedom to create, experiment, learn and exorcise something inside me. Rescued from the world of mass produced, bang em out TV death by this odd , brilliant young guy who had spent his youth drawing strange pictures"
Power of a director
Burton the Auteur
- French for 'author'.
-Implies Director has been very hands on, strong creative vision.
- Easily recognisable, distinctive style.
German expressionism
- Inner emotions reflected through stylistic elements.
- Tall, thin, angular characters.
- Extreme distortion used to convey emotion; slanted houses, unreal colours, long shadows, unnatural pointed angles.
In your own words:
What is German
Career highlights
Summerise three things you now know about Tim Burton.
Research task
You will be given ONE element of Burton's Auteur style to research. You will become an EXPERT in this area and explain what you know to a group of your peers (slackers beware!)

As part of your research you will need to find:
- WHAT the element is. Be able to explain it, no reading from notes. Know and understand your element.
- HOW he uses this element.
- EXAMPLES of the films he has used this element in.
- WHY he uses this element, what is the purpose/effect?

Dutch tilt
- Type of camera angle.
- Camera is tilted to one side so that the horizon is no longer vertical. Designed to create a sense of unease or tension, as the world is no longer visually as expected.
More terms you need to know...
Placing two things/concepts close together for consideration or comparison.
- 'In the scene', meaning what we SEE in the shot.
- The elements the director has included are carefully woven together in order to create meaning and evoke a reaction from the audience. How the scene is framed and what have been included in that frame are presented for our close analysis.
Helena Bonham Carter
Christopher Lee
Danny Elfman
Artist and Director
How has Burton's background as an artist shaped him?
Summerise what you know about Depp and Burton's working relationship
How does this regular crew benefit Burton?
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