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Tips for Baby Care

No description

Jessica Yohannan

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Tips for Baby Care

Bottle Feeding
Introducing Solid Foods
pieces of raw carrots/apples-choking hazard
anything caffeinated-causes upset stomach
fish-can trigger allergic reaction
cow's milk/egg whites-causes eczema
Benefits of Swaddling
Risks of Swaddling
Babies will sleep longer
Long term: may impair baby's gross motor development
risk of baby overheating
Improper swaddling can cause hip dysplasia
Reduce stress/crying in newborns
sterilize bottles before use
happens from ages 4-6 months
most parents start with single grain cereal
slowly start adding pureed vegetable and fruit baby food to infant's diet
Diaper Changing
Have lower risk of (SIDS) because laid on back
Baby Skin Care
don't bathe baby too frequently
wash baby's clothes before it's worn with fragrance and dye-free detergent
-removes natural oils that protects skin
Sleep Training
Random, Helpful Tips to Remember
Choosing Baby's Skin Care Products
you can use an
infant tub
or a
water should be comfortably warm
avoid letting baby sit in soapy water for too long-irritates skin
infant's hair needs shampooing only once or twice a week
be extra gentle with
never leave baby alone in or near the tub
natural and organic ingredients
non toxic products specially formatted for baby's safety
Brauer Naturals
baby Avalon Organics
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Avoid the following ingredients:
and anything with "glycol" or "methyl."
use safe and reputable brands
sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
parabens and phthalates
Tips for Baby Care
change from cow to hypoallergenic milk formula
burp baby frequently when feeding-decrease air swallowing during feeding
Sleeping Time
amt. of stimulation in environment
have baby suck on pacifier
try an infant swing
making own baby food is healthier for baby and is easy to make
always wipe from front to back to prevent infections
keep clean washcloth to place over baby’s penis-avoids spraying
Extra Tips
try to be as quick as possible-baby's can be fidgety during diaper change
get a diaper pail (Ex. Diaper Genie) for odor control
don't put diaper on too tight/leave them on too long-
diaper rash
give baby sponge baths until umbilical cord falls off
dry skin is NORMAL for newborns
2-3 times a week
keep your infant out of direct sunlight during the first six months of life
massaging baby can
boost relaxation
and can help
irritable skin conditions
introduce new foods gradually, and one at a time-identifies food that triggers allergies
try bedtime lotion-helps relax baby before bed
cry it out method
:lets baby cry for spec. period of time before comforting baby
-allows baby to learn to fall asleep on it's own
no tears method
: when baby cries, immediately go to baby, pick up, reassure, put down, and repeat
allow baby to draw nipple into mouth rather than pushing nipple into baby's mouth-baby controls when feeding begins/ends
instead of a schedule, feed when their cues indicate hunger
hold baby at 45 degree angle so baby swallows less air
always wipe from front to back to prevent infections
instead of a schedule, feed when their cues indicate hunger
be extra gentle with
slowly start adding pureed vegetable and fruit baby food to infant's diet
Diaper Changing
Bottle Feeding
Introducing Solid Foods
high pitched, long lasting crying in newborns
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