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No description

shahryar mahr

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of PRODUCT: OLPERS

Logo & tagline
Most of the information about the product is
Close to accuracy.

Source being “Assisstant brand manager”
Mr.Hammad qazi !

Engro Foods (Pvt.) Limited (EFL) has been established in 2005 as part of a diversification process at the Engro Group.

EFL launched its first dairy product, Olper’s Milk on March20, 200e6 

Own farm containing Australian cows.

Idea behind the campaign:
“Women empowerment and development”.

SEM: 7

Vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company. To achieve the vision, the company initially focused on dairy by investing a substantial amount in plant, milk collection capability and marketing. By making concrete efforts to expand in and beyond Pakistan; through strategic international alliances, it eventually became global.

Segmented market
Psychographic Segmentation :

Rural and urban women

Moral values

Rise to Women empowerment and Development
Family tie

Behavioral segmentation:

Olper’s products have been segmented on the basis of benefits that consumers seek in the milk.

People look for a brand that can be used for all purposes from drinking to tea whiteners as well to feed the animals.


Engro’s Back 
PR with farmers
Positive response from customers

Milk collection & distribution costs:

EFL’s 34 out of 40 milk-collection centers
are located in Punjab, whereas its only milk
processing facility is situated near
Sukkhur (Sindh). It increases the milk
collection & distribution costs

Narrow brand portfolio:
EFL’s brand portfolio still consists of just 3
products i.e. Olper’s Milk, Olwell Milk and
Olper’s Cream. Whereas its competitors
like Nestle have a much diversified line of
dairy products.

Owning Red Color:
The company has not owned the color red
like Nestle has a green Milkpak; Haleeb has
a blue carton etc.
But they do have copyrights for the entire


Increased funding by Government
Improving Economy

Third largest producer :
Pakistan is the Third largest producer of milk in the world with a total production of 32 billion liter of milk a year, whose value is more than that of the combined value of wheat and cotton, from a total herd size of 50 million milk animals (buffaloes and cows). Livestock accounts for 46.8 percent of agricultural value added and about 10.8 percent of the GDP.


The brand has been in the milk industry
far too long and has left a mark in the
minds of consumers in terms of quality.


Consumer’s preferences change with time and prices
might create certain barriers in terms of the profit margins
for Olper’s. For example, lose milk is still cheaper than 
packaged milk and that is also One factor that people still
prefer to buy lose milk.


The plant located at Sukkur on 23 acre land, has
the raw milk reception capability of 300,000 liters
per day and UHT milk capacity of 200,000 liters
per day. The plant has been established at a cost
of Rs. 1 billion which provides direct employment
to 750 people.


Olper’s milk
Olper’s cream
Olwell---Olper’s lite
Olpers flavoured milk


Flagship dairy brand Olper's Milk is ultra-heat
treated to carefully preserve its rich creamy thickness.

Widely favored for its fresh wholesome taste and full-cream richness, Olper's has steadily emerged as the leading dairy product in the market since its launch in 2006 after gaining preference over other established brands and securing a loyal consumer base all across Pakistan.

Available in 4 SKUs of 200 ml, 500ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml value packs, today Olper's combines nutrition, value and taste to deliver an unforgettable consumer experience to every individual within every house-hold where the day begins with Olper's.

"Embrace the lighter side of milk"
Olpers lite:

Less than 1% fat.

The ideal low-fat, hi-calcium milk for adults who want to stay healthy, active and fit for life.

Contains all the inherent nutrients of milk that can boost energy, without the extra calories that cause weight gain .

Rich in iron and calcium content, Olper's Lite has been specially formulated to provide nutritional benefits to the growing number of health conscious consumers in Pakistan.

Available in liquid format, today Olper's Lite is the preferred low-fat milk in the market with all the necessary ingredients to help adults achieve optimum health and keep it light by staying calorie and guilt free.

Olper’s cream:

Olper's Cream is a rich, creamy delight that has initiated a new trend not just amongst baking enthusiasts and dessert makers, but also within conventional households, where it is generously splurged over everyday food items as the primary ingredient to enhance the culinary experience by transforming in into a scrumptious creamy sensation. Olper's cream continues to make meal-times, as well as breakfast and afternoon rituals a rich, creamy celebration day after day
olpers flavored milk

savor the flavor of tradition - in every sip of milk”.

Inspired by the traditional flavors of badam, zafran and rose, Olper's flavored milk caters to a diverse cross-section of consumers, with a penchant for natural ingredients infused in rich, creamy and aromatic milk.

Launched in 2011 and available in 250 ml packs, Olper's Badam Zafran and Olper's Rose present the rare combination of great tasting milk fused with the natural flavors of badaam, Zafran and Rose for discerning customers seeking a wholesome experience of nutrition, taste and tradition.

Immensely popular within a growing segment of the market, Olper's Flavored Milk is the best choice for everyone craving a taste of badam, zafran and rose in every glass of milk.

Advertising aspect

Price changes with :
program to program
Channel to channel
Slot to slot

If channel is charging 30 sec for a slot in afternoon, the same ad for same amout of time will be charged a lot much in prime time!

Exact amount is confidential !

Target Market
Rural + elite
Every class of society has been targeted showing harmony, love, women development and peace, giving a message of equality that is the reason of its coming up with new concepts of ad in Ramazan especially as ramazan is for all !

Har lehza hai momin – the poetry of Allama Iqbal was reflected beautifully in the video as it symbolized the sentiment of sacrifice and sharing in young children.

At the centre of the beautifully choreographed song was the brand – Olper’s milk signifying the messages of purity, sharing and unity.

Engro’s creative agency JWT produced a fantastic brand message and Asim Raza who directed the video managed to successfully put that message across.

How Olper’s Milk is communicating the spirit of Ramadan
Fulfill her dream campaign: 2010
With this campaign, Olper’s is looking to empower the rural women of Sindh andPunjab by training them in livestock rearing and milk production quality assurance with the help of a project team.

General Manager Marketing – Dairy at Engro Foods, Syed Waqas Azhar talks about Olper’s communication strategy that focuses on builidng a connect with consumers during Ramadan.

He says, “Olper’s has been celebrating Ramadan every year since 2006 with the last two years being an exception. After establishing strong connect with the Holy Month and the festivities associated with it, Olper’s had to move on to the next level.”

“Being the pioneer brand with the essence of innovating, Olper’s team decided to build the brand through association with a higher order benefit, celebrating the spirit of Ramadan,” says Waqas.


Olper’s representatives spoke to these rural women in Sindh about their dreams and aspirations. The Olpers Milk’s facebook page has shared video testimonials from these women.

Talking about the big idea behind the campaign, Waqas says, “The core idea being this Ramadan I choose to give – Olper’s decided to play a part in women empowerment and development. The objective was to leverage brand’s positive influence on the masses.”

With #fulfillherdream, Olper’s has pledged to help 100 female livestock extension workers in Sindh during Ramadan. As the next step, Olper’s Milk is now mobilizing the consumer to become part of the #fulfillherdream campaign.

Anyone can contribute to the cause by dropping an empty Olper’s milk box at designated locations.
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