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Star Write Review

This is a review for the 2011 California Star Write. This covers all you need to know. Enjoy!

Joel Obuobisa

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Star Write Review

2011 Star Write Review Summarizing
Response to Literature
When you summarize, you need to make sure you
-retell the story in your own words, and
-be sure to include important facts. When writing a response to Literature, you must gather all your thoughts and ideas for writing. But, that happens only after you have read the story that you are responding to. Finally, you organize the response and then end with a conclusion your response must have an intro, body, and conclusion. Persuasive Essay Narrative Essay In a persuasive essay, the point is to persuade the reader to do or belive somthing. Persuasive Essays are easy, you must frankly persuade the reader. Be sure to have a counter-arguement and you should be sure to use supporting details. Remember, if you support something, but you have more supporting details for the opposite, then you should go with that side of the argument. In a good narrative, you need to make sure your paper
-has a plot with a beginning, middle, and an end
-has a setting and characters
-includes dialogue, suspense, and rising action, and
-has correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
YAY!!! by Joel, and Sai (the poster was James, Rodrigo, and Jackson)
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