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The Prophet-Dead Poets Society

No description

Desiree Swinney

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Prophet-Dead Poets Society

Abraham Cowley The Prophet The theme of the poem is to teach others what they may not have been taught, but don't bother teaching him Explain the poem please!!! 1st Stanza:
He begins the poem with a question that’s saying you are trying to teach me to love? You should be teaching yourself some intelligence. He is the master at it. Go teach the Scottish people the crafts of Jews and teach the Jews the thrift of Scottish people. Teach bravery to the Stews. Teach an unruly court how to praise someone else. Teach holy people to lie. Teach fire to burn and wind to blow. Teach tired fountains how to be free and flow. Teach the boring earth to put up with everything. Teach women to do something different than what they are expected to do. See if your carefulness will have a progressive outcome. But don’t teach him how to love. Do you get it yet!? 2nd Stanza:
If there is a god of love let him learn from me. The same person who is bragging to be in every person’s heart since Adams sin. He will put his life or rather his mistress on it because she is more meaningful. Teach him new things & he will teach him different acknowledgments that make words hurt and tears that talk. Teach him the sighs of the dead and the souls that are released with the last breath. The same way that light and heat leaves from the sun. Explain!!!!!! 3rd Stanza:
It’s him who loves Columbus, and it is him who in new worlds must discover. A world that holds more valuable treasure than any other place known, and like Columbus his predetermined mind must be to find it not for him but for others. His time is to come and he knows it but will love last when that prophet calls. But what if she denies hearing the entire stories of his dream? If on his behalf these prophets must come from now on in this place see his death and suffering.

Relation to Dead Poets Society At this time everyone was sharing a poem from one of the members of the Dead Poets Society,because they were reconvening the Dead Poets Society and Charlie Dalton stood up speaking out saying his poem was the best. Born and raised in London.
Life span:1618-July 28,1667
Father passed away shortly before he was born
Mother was completely devoted to prayer and private worship.
The Faerie Queene became one of his favorite books.
Composed many great works of literature before the age of 16, one entitled the Tragical History of Piramus and Thisbe, which was a six line stanza poem which was a creation of his own
Famous before age of 16, because his poems were so profound, mature &showed imagination
Trinity College,Cambridge Original Poem
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