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Abstract Expressionism PowerPoint

No description

charlie dillon

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Abstract Expressionism PowerPoint

By: Charlie Dillon, Brady Cole Mikaela Dykes Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism Characteristics of Abstract Ecxpressionism More About Abstract Expressionism Artist Involved In This Movement Lets Go More In Depth Activity Time! Abstract expressionism was an art movement in the mid 1940's. It originated in Greenwhich Village, New York. Abstract Expressionism includes aspects of cubism, surrealism, and abstractionism. The spontaneous brushstrokes and lines are common in most abstract expressionist paintings Jackson Pollock
Willem De Kooning
Hans Hofmann
Mark Rothko
Lee Krasner
Franz Kline Which picture is an example of Abstract Expressionism? Characteristics about this painting... Please fill Out the handout and start drawing your own style of Abstract Art on the back! Action Painting There are many different layers of colors The artists use different brushstrokes to portray emotion, in this case, the atrists seems angry and rebellious Different people interprate the painting in different ways, some people see different things than others This painting would be considered an action painting rather than a color field painting Pollock painting Jackson Pollock 1912- 1956 He was born Wyoming and moved to New York in 1930.
He started painting in 1928, when he was 31
He was inspired by Pablo Picasso to start painting.
His style reflected Surrealism and Cubism. This movement was unique because every artist had their version or style of painting abstract expressionism Lee Krasner 1908-1984 One of the few famous women from the movement.
She Married Jackson Pollock
Once married, she focused more on Pollocks work than her own. Mark Rothko -Mark Rothko was born in Dvinsk, Russia on September 25, 1903
- Rothko painted more with water colors and created some great works using a palette of grays and earth tones
- some critics say that a few of his paintings are a "masterpiece and a landscape of the mind." 1903-1970 The left picture is an example
of Abstract Expressionism. What type of painting
is this?? What colors are used?? Whats the mood shown
in this painting?? Any special shapes made
in this painting?? What do you see that
others may not?? Can you guess the artist of this painting?? The Artist is Franz Kline

You can tell by the style of his painting. Franz Kline 1910- 1962 Born in Pennsylvania
Went to Boston University and Girard College.
He taught many art classes full of this style of art.
Most famous for his style of abstract art. Two Types of Abstract Expressionism 1. Color Field Painting

2. Action Painting (Gestural painting Color Field Painting uses blocks of color to express emotion
color gave the painting the feeling they wanted to portray
considered more "organized than action painting Artist focuses more on the process of painting.
Not as much about the finished product.
generally considered "messy".
Hard to tell what the message is behind the painting. Untitled
Jackson Pollock 1948-49 Jackson Pollock 1959 Mural. Untitled No. 3
Jackson Pollock
No date Willem De Kooning Parents devorced when he was 3 years old.
An action painter
A lot of his work reflected his anger through out his life.
Went to the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and Techniques.
Heavily influenced by Picasso and cubism Excavation
WIllem de Kooning 1950 Woman V 1952-53 Noon
1947 Night Creatures
Lee Krasner 1965 Chief
1950 Untitled 1957 Magenta
Mark Rothko Red, Orange, Tan and Purple
1949 Red Orange Tan and Purple
1949 - Mark Rothko Window Panes with Bicycle
Pangin 2005 Influences: Abstractionism... Duh! Surrealism
rebelling against the strict rule of Europe post WW2 and showing social chaos of the depression (Gestural Painting) Expressionism ... Duh! Reactions: At first this movement was not liked because it was against the rules of tradition. Many people back then and still in the present day don't understand the concept of abstract expressionism Cubism
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