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Global Action on Energy Conservation/Climate Change

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Cherith Simpson

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Global Action on Energy Conservation/Climate Change

Global Action on Energy Conservation/Climate Change

Use the Factfile to identify and write out the
Brundtland Commission definition of sustainability:

"Sustainable ............

Sustainability can be conceptually divided into three components known as the three pillars of sustainability:

1._____________ sustainability,

2.__________ sustainability and

3. _______ sustainability

The same concept can also be illustrated like this.....
In this presentation we will look at the Brundtland Commission definition of sustainability, where it came from and the impact it has had.

Create you own presentation or notes to answer the activities in this prezi presentation

The Brundtland Report
Her definition of Sustainability was published in 1987 as part of the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED): Our Common Future: From One Earth to One World, Or, simply: The Brundtland Commission Report.

The Brundtland Commission is named after Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Activity 1:
Explain who Gro Harlem Brundtland was and what was her background?


Formally known as the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED),
the Brundtland Commission's mission is to unite countries to pursue sustainable development together.

At the time, the UN General Assembly realised that there was a heavy deterioration of the human environment and natural resources.

To rally countries to work and pursue sustainable development together, the UN decided to establish the Brundtland Commission.

Watch the video above for more information
& make notes about the
Brundtland Commission
If any pillar is weak then the whole system
is unsustainable.
Copy this diagram into your notes or
The following are links which will help you to research and understand targets set as a response to issues raised in reports such as the Bruntdland report.

It is important that you research, revise and have knowledge of these targets.
Click on the links and take notes on the following targets:
By 2020 (UK):

By 2020 (UK – Failing?):

By 2020 (Japan):

By 2050:

By 2020 (Northern Ireland):



By 2020 (EU):
YOU MUST READ UP & RESEARCH ON 2020 Government Targets.
Sketch this in
your notes or
add it to your
Because of these international targets we
now need to prioritise renewable energy development and reduce our overall
energy consumption.

Here is a link which lists a number of
schemes being run in Northern Ireland
with the aim of helping us to hit our targets.


Pick five of these schemes which would be suitable to help you save energy in your house, explain each of them and why you would benefit from them.
So far we have focused on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by using renewables such as wind farms and solar panels.........

But have we missed the obvious answer to our fuel needs?

We already know that renewables don't produce as much energy as fossil fuels.........
but we do know that
used in Nuclear Power Plants is incredibly energy dense.
Explain what is meant by the term energy density and list the energy density of renewables, fossil fuels and uranuim.
Research how much electricity is currently sourced from nuclear energy in the UK/ and globally.

What are the constraints and problems stopping us from using more nuclear power?

Use these websites to help you:

& Finally .......
Produce a labeled diagram showing how nuclear power is produced
Describe the fundamental differences between nuclear and fossil fuel power supply.

This website can help you:

Read and make notes about the Brundtland report in the CCEA Factfile called "Global Action on Energy Conservation/Climate Change" which you can find here -
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