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YouTube and Education: Helpful or Harmful

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Alexandra Mariona

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of YouTube and Education: Helpful or Harmful

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Helpful or Harmful: Is YouTube Beneficial to Education?

The Convenience of
easy search for topic related video clips
class lectures, interactive videos, and homework help can be found with a simple search
great way to have interactive learning if you are not into sitting in a lecture hall in order to learn
convenient for every kind of online help needed
History made Modern Through YouTube
Information on YouTube can be closely connected to previous historians and historical issues.
Game Time
YouTube in the Classroom
Picture 1: Pewdiepie
Picture 2: Smosh
Picture 3: AsapScience
Picture 4: Jenna Marbles
Picture 5: Crash Course
Picture 6: VSauce
Why YouTube?
Teachers of higher education use technology in the classrooms to promote active learning and in-class particpation
Credibility of YouTube
There are approximately 1 billion subscribers on YouTube this year
Teachers use YouTube as a foundation to support course learing objectives
TeacherTube is website made for instructors and their students; it's used for academic video sharing.
YouTube provides an updated mean of understanding information by way of video and visual aides.
Using something that is commonly widespread and understood in society bridges earlier happenings.
Example: Edgar Allen
Poe's The Raven
"Edgar Allen Poe "the Raven" Simpson's episode" Youtube. Youtube, 06,December 2012. Web. 26, October 2013.
As of today there is an educational station to avoid inaccurate information
Guess Who?
Which would you choose?
Inviting the World Into the Online Classroom: Teaching a Gaming in Libraries Course via YouTube
Scott Nicholson
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