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Economic relationships in LITTERING:

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Destina rodriguez

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Economic relationships in LITTERING:

Economic Flow Chart
Business Firms
1. How does this issue affect households and local residents?
A neighborhood near many industrial business will have a lot of littering which can affect houses around them because people will not want to live there. Local residents will hire people to clean the garbage around their house which keeps money flowing throughout the government.
1. Explain how the issue you have chosen affects your community. Be sure to include impacts you perceive to be both positive and negative.
Littering has a huge impact on the community. A communities health depends on how well the environment is being treated. People living near fast food or businesses might live in a place not as clean as a city not near many businesses. Animals are very negatively affected by littering as well, especially sea animals or animals living in rivers because they are so greatly polluted.
Economic relationships in LITTERING:
by Destina Rodriguez

75% of people admit to littering, and most of them are people between the ages of 18-24. The main targets for litterers are people who eat fast food often, smoke, drive for long hours, and people who go out more than once a week for fun.
3. How does this issue affect our government at the local, state, and national levels?
The government has to spend a fortune keeping the environment clean. States create cleaning businesses and have to spend money hiring people to clean areas like highways or other businesses. A country's reputation will go down if it is not taken care of. The nation as a whole will suffer if every state is not taking care of the environment.
The governmet spends millions of dollars and hires people to clean up littered roadways, parks, and beaches and has created laws making littering a crime and enforcing fines up to 500$.
Many individuals earn money by working in jobs related to cleaning up their environment, whether it's a janitor or someone picking up cigarette buds outside of a restaurant. Their paycheck gets taxes taken out and given to the government and goes to banks (financial institutions) and also is spent on the product market.
There are many cleaning businesses such as a garbage truck that goes around collecting waste. Also businesses collect used cans and give a small amount of money for them that would make less soda cans flowing around the environment.
Rest of the World
The rest of the world is greatly affected by littering. Beaches are polluted and this in turn harms the animals. The amount of litter in an environment can determine whether people want to reside there. People who litter might pay a fine to the government.
Factor Market
Financial Market
Government spending on cleaning
goods and services
exporting goods
costs of business
borrowing money
paying for litter pick up
paycheck, other income
2. What do members of your family and community say about the issue?
Since I live in Florida, many people I know participate in beach clean ups or park clean ups. Since recycling bins are free, many people own them and use them as much as they can.
2. How does this issue affect area businesses?
Littering can make or break a companys business. People do not want to go to a park that doesn't get cleaned regularly or go to a restaurant with food and rappers all over the place. Also tourists do not want to visit areas that are the slightest bit polluted.
4. How does this issue affect the rest of the world?
A major issue today is global warming. Littering destroys the ozone layer and pollutes our water. Animals can not survive in areas so polluted and the air we breathe every day becomes polluted.
5. How does the issue affect resources, goods and services, and finances?
Farmers can be greatly affected by pollution because it harms their crops and even their animals if they are living in a dirty environment. Businesses specializing in cleaning trash are pretty much the only ones who can benefit from littering. Millions of dollars have to be spent cleaning up garbage which can be spent on other necessities especially since littering is a problem that can be fixed.
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