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Religion In The Bayeu Tapestry

Jaz. Sanders J. Powell A. Porter M. Peters

mya peters

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Religion In The Bayeu Tapestry

Similarities Bishop Odo Bishops in 11th century Today's Bishops Bishops ...in today's society. They do not shed blood.
Both have a club/staff.
Both are in charge of the church. Church Architecture: Bishops had tons of land.. Religion in the Bayeu Tapestry By:Mya Peters
Aaron Porter
Jelisa Powell
Jazmine Sanders What is wrong with this situation? Oddly enough, he was apart of the Battle of Hastings. He was the half-brother of Duke William, King of Normandy. This is Bishop Odo in the tapestry. Bishops had other roles outside of the church.
Bishops acted as generals.
They were seen as the second leader in charge under the king.
Bishops had soldiers and plenty of land to give them as a money offering just as a king would.
These Bishops could even order his subjects to build him things, like a church of instance. Archbishops appoint new Bishops into office that will be finalized by the Pope.
They do not fight in battles.
They do not have the power to control people on a combat, or constructional level.
They are the head of the church. The Bishops fought in the battle with a club/staff instead of a sword.
Bishops do not shed blood in battle meaning they couldn't stab, shoot, etc you. Bishops ordain priests
The club or staff is not used s fighting tool but as a very religious item Bishops ordain priests
The club or staff is not used s fighting tool but as a very religious item Earl of Kent Anglo-Saxon Churches Their churches were: Nice sized seating about 100 people,
Made of stone,
Had arches,
Lots of doorways
Had towers (usually one),
Few windows,
And Decorated walls. Norman Churches They were: Built of stone as well,
Gothic in appearance,
And were massive in size,
Why did Duke William make Odo his Bishop? Odo was a powerful man who was listened to by his soldiers.
It was important that William have some one like that on his side. How does religion differ from then to now? Religion was used as a way to control people the way cotton controlled the southern states of American in the 19th century.
Now-a-days religion is an escape from the troubles of the world for some people-It is faith, freedom, and salvation.
We as people think of religion as the opposite of war, destruction, and greed, but back in the 11th century that's all religion was was. Thanks For Giving Us Your Full Audience Behavior
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