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Cyberbullying Assignment

No description

Kevin Luu

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Cyberbullying Assignment

Cyberbullying Example #3
2 girls meet on Facebook. One day, a friend of the girl tells her that her closest friend was talking to her boyfriend. She is extremely mad and takes this fight onto social media. THe girl starts insulting the girl and making her sad all the time. Now all the kids at the school join in and ask her about the situation. She is driven in depression....

To be Continued...
Cyberbullying Example #4
There was a boy in school was was smaller than the other students. One day, he bumps into a big kid was wasn't the nicest student. He did not think anyhting about it until after school, he saw that someone was posting things about him on Twitter. Soon people joined in with the cyber bully and they made fun of his height and his looks. He was also another victim of cyberbullying.
Extra Credit
Summary: Delete Cyber Bullying
Where does Cybrbullying occur?
Cyberbullying often takes place on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can also bully you through text messages and emails.
Cyberbullying Example #1
A group of students really hate the new kid at their school. So they find him on Facebook and friend him. The new student accepts and then the students start bullying him through messages and chat. They threaten to kill him and make fun of him for his braces. The buy becomes depressed and is scared to go to school...

To be Continued...
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is when you mistreat and harm a person in online instead of in person. Cyberbullies could send threatening messages to target you personally.

By Kevin Luu

How to protect against Cyberbullying?
Tell an adult (parents or teachers)
Limit online usage
Ignore what they say
Block or Delete them
Don't go on social media anymore
http://voices.yahoo.com/how-deal-cyberbullies-5-ways-kids-protect-12265791.html Yahoo Contributor Network 12/11/13 How to Deal with Cyberbullies
Cyberbullying Example #2
A group of kids from a different school are mean and cruel human beings. While walking to school, they see another boy from a different school walking. They approach him and pretend to befriend him. In the end, the get his phone number and later that night, they are texting him harsh comments and they also insult his family. This forces him and his family to move to a different city and change his phone number.
Our world has changed and is constantly using social media. The rise of online interactions has caused cyberbullying all across the world. Cyberbullying is the use of online communication to harrass, threaten, or embarrass another. Forms of cyberbullying include private messages, pictures, and videos. Cyber bullies have the advantage because they are behind a screen and they believe there wouldn't be any consequences. These embarrassing things can be seen by everyone. It spreand like wildfire. People experiencing this may have symptoms like withdrawal, depression, and suicide. We created it and now we have to put an end to it. Spread positivity online and set an example. Improve the community and use the interent for a greater purpose.
https://sites.google.com/a/holmdelschools.org/cedric-noel-and-daniel-shin/where-does-cyber-bullying-happen Daniel Shin 12/11/13 Where does Cyber-Bullying happen?

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