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Development of 8 year old children

No description

Amanda Jones

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Development of 8 year old children

Physical Development Video for Social/Emotional Development Social Development Cognitive Development Emotional Development Attributes of emotional development of 8 year old children:
Children at this age use their emotions to express feelings such as happiness, sadness, joy, and frustration
These emotions are generated internally, but they are expressed externally
Emotional development at this age determines the child's ability to handle emotional situations
Children enjoy interacting with peers of the same age and sex, and they learn through these interactions with each other
Children of this age have a need for love and understanding
Children enjoy working in a group setting and participating in group activities
Children are able to adjust to change Four Major Developments of 8 Year Old Children:
Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Social
Amanda Jones
Joyce McCarty
Julia Mendoza
Lanee Ralls
Oralia Wilson Attributes of physical development in 8 year old children: Development of 8 Year Old Children Attributes of social development in 8 year old children:
Express opinions and enjoy friendships
Really good in social events and start to realize if they are good at sports
Generally enjoy going to school, but may refuse to go to school if they are being bullied
Desire to belong to a group, and subject to peer pressure
Have same gender friendships
Increase in stereotypes
May still be emotionally attached to parents
Wide spectrum of child social skills Attributes of cognitive development in 8 year old children:
Attention span increases, and many children can concentrate on a particular topic for roughly an hour
Language skills grow rapidly with an ever expanding vocabulary
Children can make a transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn"
They will often find a series of books such as Harry Potter and indulge with the happiness of great stories
Writing skills advance as well, and children will begin writing in multiple genres and begin practicing cursive writing
Math skills become more refined, and they begin practicing multiplication and division tables Period of refinement rather than major, noticeable changes
Coordination, muscle control and overall physical development become more accurate and precise
Natural ability allows for a wide range in sizes and physical skills
The body becomes leaner and longer
Body image and self-confidence about appearance may begin to show
They will grow about 2-3 inches during this year
They will show more interest in personal hygiene and develop opinions about how they want to look Activities that promote physical development:
Team Sports
Playing board games
Putting puzzles together
Activities that involve fine motor skills such as skating, swimming, drawing, or playing a musical instrument

Below is a great example of how one elementary school helped to develop physical ability. Activities that promote emotional development:
Play dates
Creative playtime
Group activities
Sharing their feelings Below is a video on how to help children understand their developing emotions Activities to promote cognitive development:
Lesson plans designed to follow a particular subject of topic throughout a longer time frame
Spelling tests
Have students write short stories with newly acquired words
Encourage reading time
Allow students to check out books at the library and have them write a summary
Have them use math at the grocery store and play online number games This video shows a great example of a video game series that promotes cognitive abilities: Developing understanding of what is right and what is wrong
May seek out peer assistance instead of adult assistance
Enjoy sharing view points on a variety of topics
Have developed a sense of self-worth
Begin to understand the concept of masking emotions and can vary their use of coping strategies to deal with challenging situations
Start to engage in leadership, goal-setting, and fantasy play
If under emotional stress, they will seek out help of adults indirectly
Stronger self-image concerns
Challenge parent's rules
More realistic fears
May be more moody
Has "best friend" and "enemy" Social Development cont. Activities to promote social development:
Put the kids in groups and let them work together to improve and develop social skills
Get them to talk about their opinions on stories and solutions to problems
Play critical thinking games with them where they can talk amongst each other and develop leadership skills
Let the kids that have mastered an assignment tutor the other kids or help them out
Have a big thing in class in which everyone works together to do it (ex: school garden)
During free time, let them play charades or play jeopardy style games
Sitting in a circle at the end of class and just talking about things learned in class and anything else they want to talk about This is a great video about helping with social and emotional development. Resources
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8q NevB7k4
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