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Age of Napoleon

No description

Brandi Sharlow

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of Age of Napoleon

1799 - Napoleon establishes Consulate

Codification of Laws
1801 Agreement with the Pope
Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.
- Napoleon
Coup d'etat
Peace with the Church
Napoleonic Code
To assuage public opinion he recognized Catholicism as the office religion of France
In exchange, Church would NOT ask for their lands back
Maintained Revolution reforms
religious toleration
abolition of serfdom
equality before the law (citizens)

Napoleonic Civil Code
Step back for women and children
women officially "less equal than men"
Monday, February 17, 1799
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Military Success
Rise of Napoleon
Big 3: French Empire, allied, dependent
Napoleon's Empire
a. Military genius

b. Directory promoted him over and over until he commanded the ENTIRE army by age

c. France controlled Northern Italy

d. Only force Napoleon could NOT beat
Great Britain

e. Tried to attack Britain
via Egypt- Failed - used the
Continental System
Dependent States- Ruled by Napoleon's relatives
Spain, Holland, Italy, Swiss Republic, Grand Duchy of Warsaw, Confederation of the Rhine

Allied States- countries defeated by Napoleon
forced to join his struggle with Britain
Prussia, Austria, Russia, Sweden
Age of Napoleon
1804- he declares himself Emperor Napoleon I
How it hurt and helped Napoleon
French people decided they were a nation- new era

Spread Nationalism through conquered countries
1. Conquered people united in hatred of invader
2. People saw power and strength of national feeling
Sense of unique identity based on common language, religion, national symbols
Invasion of Russia- 1812
Fall of Napoleon
Continental System
600,000 French troops invade
Russians refused to fight and burned cities as they moved
No food or shelter for French troops
retreated- only 40,000 troops survived
European Reaction
Congress of Vienna

1. Restore the old order- monarchy
put Louis XVI's brother on the throne- Louis XVIII
2. Key players
G.B., Austria, Prussia, Russia
rearranged territories in Europe to balance power
3. Concert of Europe
could intervene to keep monarchs in power
Europe takes advantage and attacked weakened army
Napoleon exiled to Elba Island
Returns and fights again- Waterloo, Belgium 1815
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