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The amazing Computer.....

No description

ardra nair

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The amazing Computer.....

Why was it important at the time it was invented?
-> The first computer - The Difference Machine?
-> Next: Colossus
-> Next: Genesis

Genesis => Small computers with screens.
Who, When,where was it invented?
The History of Computer

Invented between 1942-1946
Invented by John Mauchly and John Eckert
It was invented in America
How has it impacted human society?
Why does it deserve the title?- The most important invention of all time.
How has it changed/developed over time?
Invention of computer has had many pros and cons:
> Made people lazy
> Too dependant on technology
> Easier research
> Easy-to-access information
Size- Large - Portable
Speed - Slow => Fast
External Storage- Low - High
--> IT Google Sites
--> Books
- "100 Greatest Inventions" by Philip Wilkinson
--> http://www.insidetechnology360.com/index.php/how-the-computer-has-changed-through-the-years-22810/
--> Google Images
-Used in daily life
- Ability to automatically calculate
-For many purposes
- Combination of different devices
-Easy to use
John Mauchly and John Eckert
First Computer
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