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The Brolga Story

No description

Josh Williams

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of The Brolga Story

The Brolga Story
The Brolga Story Film
The Synopsis
A young man named Victor is in search for the animals that hold his father and Grand fathers spirit. He never knew his father and Grand father, both dying just after he was born. Victor began his journey across the land to find his dreaming-fathers (which are held by two swans).
The Synopsis
As he travells, he sings the Brolga Song which helps him attract and talk to the animals he meets. After days of travelling, he finally meets back up with his fathers and is reunited with the dreaming-body.
Meaning and Purpose of the Story
The main message behind this story is telling us the meaning and significants of the 'dreaming-body' towards indigenous Australians.
Aboriginal people believe that there was a time where supernatural beings lived on the earth. That many of them were like animals, like we see them today (kangaroo's, emu's, goanna's and
Meaning and Purpose of the Story
the king brown snake). But thousands of years ago, these people travelled the sacred land carrying with them songs, laws, ceremonies, stories and beliefs. Slowly after they stopped, they put all of these things into the native animals, changing them. To indigenous Australians, this is why native animals are
Meaning and Purpose of the Story
important and sacred to them and also why they dont like killing animals.
So this story was about how a dreaming body is important to indigenous Australians. Everybody has a dreaming body that lived many thousands of years ago. To indigenous Australians, the dreaming body is decribed as having parents.
Where the Story came from
The Brolga Song is a Dhuwa story that has been spoken and passed down by generations. The story is told in the Rembarrnga language in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia.
Central Arnhem Land
What we don't understand
-With the dance, was it a traditional and tribal dance or was it something that was made up?
- Why were they dancing around the tree?
- What are the clicky things?

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