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Gerunds and Infinitives

No description

炳男 周

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Gerunds and Infinitives



Verb + "ing" = Gerund
"To" + Verb = infinitive
Read + "ing" = Reading Take + "ing"= Taking
Work + "ing" = Working Make + "ing" = Making

Put + "ing" = Putting Lie + "ing" = Lying
Cut + "ing" = Cutting Die + "ing" = Dying
"To" + Take = To take "To" + Read = To read

"To" + Cut = To cut "To" + Lie + To lie
Swimming can keep yourself healthy. ( Subject of sentence)

My favorite sport is swimming. ( Complement of sentence)

I like swimming. (Object of sentence)
To study is important. ( Subject of sentence)

The most important thing is to learn. ( Complement of sentence)

He needs to sudy. ( Object of sentence)

How ?

Learning is important.
normal subject

To learn is important.
abstract subject

The most important thing is learning.
normal complement

The most important thing is to learn.
abstract complement


He enjoys swimming.
Verb Followed by Gerunds

He wants to swim.
Verb Followed by Infinitives


I enjoyed their singing.
They were singing.

•She understood his saying no to the offer.
He said no.

Possessive Forms
Verbs Followed by a Noun + an Infinitive

The police ordered the man to stop
noun is required

She asked to leave.
noun is optional

She asked him to leave.

noun is optional

Verbs followed by a Gerund OR a Noun + Infinitive

I advised taking the train.
in general

I advised him to take the train.
He will take the train.

Go + Gerund

I go swimming every weekend.

Would you ever go swimming?

After Prepositions

Let's talk about shopping.

This story about falling love.

Sandy is scared of flying
•Nancy remembered getting married.
•Fred remembered to bring sunblock to the beach.

•She likes swimming.
•She likes to swim.

"Be + adjective"

They were anxious to begin.

She was delighted to receive such good feedback.

"In order to do something."
too + adjective/adverb + infinitive
adjective/adverb + enough + infinitive
enough + noun(s) + infinitive

Verb of Location + Location + Verb+ing

Sarah stood at the corner waiting for Tom.

Melissa lay in bed thinking about her future.
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