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A man who had no eyes

ELA project

Chanel Herbert

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of A man who had no eyes

A man who had no eyes Plot Development Mr. Parsons recalls his past. We find out that he was a labourer. Since then, he has become a successful, respected and admired. Plot Diagram Initial Incident
Exposition Rising Action When the old beggar approaches him. The beggar tells his story. He was a victim of an accident.
He lost the use of his eyes. Climax Mr. Parson corrects the beggar's story, he wasn't the one who held Markwardt back during the explosion. Falling action The beggar tries to elicit pity from Mr. Parsons because he became blind in the accident. Mr. Parsons reveals that he is blind too. Literary Techniques Personification: "The blue air of spring,
fresh from it's memories of windy pools and lush shrubery
could free him with eagerness. " Foreshadowing: "He had done it alone, unaided, stuggling beneath handicaps." Message of the story : Don't let your disabilities or anything limit you
in life. Markwardt let his blindness stop him from getting
somewhere in life, Parsons didn't let the accident stop him.
He made a buisnesss man of himself. Character Development http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/3282744/English_Project Indeterminate ending After the revelation that Mr. Parsons is blind the story ends. There is no resolution of the conflict between them. We don't know anything that happens after this point.
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